@pokey Supposedly, but not officially (no IP rating)

I will stick with my 1+ X then. I don't remember how long I've had it, but it's still fast and runs without any glitches or anything. I'm running LineageOS nightly, and it's rock solid.

@pokey Well, I needed a major upgrade over my 16 GB Nexus 4. 😃

@pokey Too old. I bought it from someone for $100 bucks about 3-4 years ago. Once I have the OP6T, I'm going to use the N4 to play music while I have the hotspot enabled on the phone. This way, I can make calls while listening to music in the car.

Yep. Once I've migrated to the new phone, this one's getting either LOS or UBports.

I don't know UBports...
I love Lineage. I don't know if I could go back to a phone without Profiles. I just hope they add more triggers, like time for instance.

For the N4 I don't really care. It's just going to be for streaming music from the OP6T's hotspot.

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