Swapping over the tires to the winters and it looks like I also need to do a brake job. Wonderful. I know what I'm doing Saturday morning.


Brake jobs have gotten so much easier on cars built in the past 10-15 years. Everything is designed so much better, and now you can get electroplated brackets at AutoZone that last years before they rust. Throw in copper based anti-seize, and ceramic slider grease, lifetime warranty pads, and life is good.

@pokey @MunkyBone

We don't salt the roads or winterize our cars.... or have rust.

I miss cars not rusting away in less than 10 years.

I put my Miata away in the winter. Everything else rusts.

Well, I live in Ontario and they salt the fuck out of everything.

Just destroys vehicles. Hate that. I run good winter tires though as the town I live in gets obliterated with storms.

@MunkyBone @pokey

I too reside in the north now. They salt everything here too.

Oh hell, I have been doing brake jobs since I was a kid.

My family owned a mechanic shop from somewhere in the 50's to the early 2000's.

I am happy with how easy it is to replace pads. The rotors seem fine. The back end of my escape is drums that appear to be fine. So it is maybe an hour job. 2 if I take my time at it.

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