So far so good. We headed south. It stopped raining in Boston. We're on cape Cod now. It's super boring riding though, so we're grabbing a bite to eat and heading back.

@pokey That's a mean looking bike! I like it. I'm on a 2004 Honda vtx1300, when it doesn't have a flat rear tire...

That's a cool bike. I don't like the feeling of having my feet out in front of me, but the vtx looks great. My brother in law had a yellow one that was just gorgeous.

The Gladius isn't mean. It's very user friendly in fact, though it is very easy to go fast on. Lots of people consider it a beginner's bike. I don't, but you could do a lot worse.

It's a v twin so it's got lots of mid range torque, and it's 90° so it revs to 10500, and makes usable power the whole way up.

Any idea why you're losing air?

@pokey I think I would get to trust myself too much on something like yours. I drive fast and may kill myself, I can't imagine I wouldn't do that at some point...

I haven't really looked at the tire, but it's going flat very quickly. I was moving it in my garage and it lost all the air from backing it up a little and moving it up some. Sucks too because it's basically brand new. I'll figure it out sometime.

You betcha ass! It was a great day. We just got back. The ride home from Boston was a Bataan death March it started raining tiny droplets that wouldn't easily clear from our visors, and made it's way onto the inside of them so we're couldn't clear it at all. I like a challenge, so I was having fun anyway, but my friend was right at his limit for a lot of the ride home.

This is a picture of me taking a phone call inside my helmet. I didn't want to divide my attention, because I'm not used to such heavy city traffic. I don't know why my buddy thought it would be a good picture, but since we didn't take very many...

We probably should have stopped at Plymouth rock. That was the most photogenic thing we saw. We had only just gotten out of heavy traffic leaving the cape and didn't want to stop again.

@pokey @sirphenom you were just too lazy to get out of the rumper and you let it run

@pokey Did you go to the Rock or not? If not then you didn’t miss anything... trust me in that!

@pokey I used to work in Plymouth years ago, and there was a good sub shop across from the Rock, so I would go there at lunch, grab a sub, then lean over the railing while crumbs from my sub would fall on the Rock! 🤣

Just like @Johncdvorak will say in his yearly Thanksgiving history lesson, nobody knows if the Pilgrims actually stepped on it, plus they stopped in P-town before heading in the harbor.

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