I really like #OSMAnd but oh boy, #Maps (f-droid.org/en/packages/com.gi) is really, really fast and slick. Both in rendering and navigation.

Not quite as featureful as OSMAnd though, I'll probably use both in the future.

(Update coming to your local @fdroidorg repo soon)


What features does it lack. Asking for a friend, who is me, and is curious.


@RussSharek @fdroidorg oh and up to hourly osm data updates through osmand live :-)


Thank you for the mini review. I've not set up a new map on my phone since I installed lineage. Might have to look into these



OSMAnd has A LOT of features. Be sure to click on all the things. Don't worry about the plugins at first, just get to know the standard features.
@Bubu @fdroidorg

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