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No. Not yet. We ended to plan a little too. Do you want to swing by after work?

It took a few phone calls, but I was able to convince them of the urgency of my situation. They told me where I could meet their driver at his next stop. Wheels are at the shop and will be done today.

When they missed my delivery yesterday, I assumed they would make me one of their first stops, but at least they were willing to work with me. Overall a thumbs up for FedEx today.

I literally could not be any readier for these tires to show up.


Every truck I hear sounds like the FedEx truck right now. I keep running to the window like a dog who's been home alone all day. :(

Damn. My new MC tires were supposed to be delivered yesterday. I'm supposed to be putting them on right now. FedEx was delayed by a day due to weather (flooding I think). I have a trip planned for tomorrow, and I might have to scrap it if they don't show up soon.
One should not listen to Dr. Steel's Back and Forth while pacing...


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A short time lapse video of clouds being awesome:

I got some cool time lapse video the other day when my neighbor had some trees cut down.

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You must take a drink every time the media tells you it’s a “glitch” l.curry.com/f4l

Oh... And tons of tracking. 76 Waypoints (notes) on another phone while it was raining a little.


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Prefect riding weather too. 75° is the best temp, and overcast offers the best visibility. Days like this just can't be beat.

What a great ride I had today with @Beldude ! We stopped for a few minutes at Jolly Roger raceway to watch kids thrash on dirt bikes, so I snapped this pic. I ran the gopro most of the day, but nothing really spectacular happened so I didn't get any great footage. It was just an awesome day with one of my favorite people on the planet.


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Auto correct was so good on this phone when it was new. It's shit now. The more it learns, the dumber it gets.

For anyone know how to reset the Android Keyboard dictionary?

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RT @0xUID@twitter.com: ALWAYS wiggle the card reader! Don't get scammed! #InfoSec

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I've been looking for a Ruger MKII Hunter in ss for years. When I picked it up today, I spotted another gun I've been after for many years, ss Marlin Papoose, made in CT. I am having a GREAT day!

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!