Huzzah! My NA Meetup post was approved. If you know any motorcyclists in the New England area, please share this link with them.

I'm sorry it's last minute. Bike week snuck up on me this year.

@adam @Beldude

The loop ride will not be an option for me, as I have somewhere I need to be that afternoon. So, is there any interest in a guided ride on good roads to Weir's beach?

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Is there any interest in a NA meetup/MC ride at NH bike week? I'd be happy to lead such a ride on Saturday June 12th.

I'm thinking either a 150-ish mile loop on some of the lesser used (and more fun) roads, or we can meetup on the NH/MA boarder, and I'll show you the good way to Laconia (hint: it's not Route 11).

Damn. It's the description in the YouTube video that I wanted you to see. I haven't posted on here in a while. I didn't know it would make a copy without the description.

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YouTube deleted about 10% of the nearly 400 videos in my "Watch Later" playlist sometime in the morning hours of 2020/06/05. Or else maybe someone I subscribe to closed their account, but I'm not noticing any conspicuous absences in my subscription list though.

Did this happen to anyone else?

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This is crazy/awesome. I ordered a used CD. It arrived today, and it's autographed! What are the odds?

I want to thank everyone for the suggestions. I don't want to give up on this cat, but he's not leaving us with much choice. We got him from a shelter that does not euthanize. He was there for over a year, because he is incredibly standoffish with new people, even though he's very affectionate. We've put a lot of work into getting him to trust us. I think my wife is close to giving up on him. If he goes back, I don't think he'll ever find another home.

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I'm a cat person. I've never had trouble with a cat before. I don't know what to do.

Please help of you can.

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I need help. My wife's cat keeps peeing where he shouldn't. I'm at my whit's end. We already bought a new couch because he ruined the old one. Tonight he peed on our bed for the fourth time. If he does it again I'm going to throw him out the door, and my wife is likely to throw me out after him.

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A podcast by three Linux users (@thaj, @x1101 , and @pokey) that met through the Hacker Public Radio podcast community decided that the whole world needed to hear the contents of our brains. So we hang out, record and release it as a podcast under a Free Culture license. It is exactly what it says on the tin "Your UNLIMITED source of medium quality randomness". Check us out at

I have two extra tickets for SYSK live in Portland Maine (details are on their website). Is anyone interested in them?

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WooHoo! I got Fank of the Week, and two other on The Unicorn Circuit.

Starting at 31min 50sec, the last three are mine. My mother would be so proud.

Lodge sells these decorative skillets on their website. They have a bunch of nature designs also, but I liked the Buffalo nickel the best. I bought one for myself, and one for my daughter. I ground them flat and smooth with a grinder and flap disks, and I relieved all the edges and casting lines with a Dremmel and carbide burr. It took a while, but I'm happy with the results.

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Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell.

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