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I recently lost my drivers license, and need to replace it. In Arizona, this can be done online, easily and simply, provided you have your license number available.

Of course, I don't. I never wrote it down, and can't find any of the documents in the house where I know it was recorded. That means an in-person office visit, with various identity proofs, and a long wait.

KIDS, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE: Record your license # and keep it some place safe. It can save you a lot of hassle.

Hit damn! A new episode of Project Binky! This is absolutely one of the very best things on YouTube.


Wow. I submitted this picture 5-8 YEARS ago, and it just hit the front page today.
I forgot all about it.

If I knew it was going to take so long, I would have put a urandom podcast sticker on it.

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Have you heard of StreetComplete? It's an Android app that shows you open questions/issues with OpenStreetMap in your area, and asks you to answer them.

It's made for people with no experience with #OpenStreetMap, so it shows only very simple questions that can be answered very clearly. ("What is printed on this street sign?", "What's the number on this house?")

It's available on @fdroidorg, of course! #mapping #android #apps #recommendation

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Didn't know that Twitter records you at any time the app is in the foreground. Good thing we are on Mastodon now! ๐Ÿ˜€ Keep up the good work @Gargron ๐Ÿ‘ โค๏ธ


Kermit makes me laugh. He is a very strange cat.

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Hey friends, for the price of an decent cup of coffee, you can help an indie creator make some top-notch SciFi. And if you don't love him, I'll love him for you.



Does anyone know if there's a way to export waypoints, or a route from OSMand without driving and recording it?

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A colleague just accidentally rm -rf'd his /home dir. Inspired by this, I bring you my occasional PSA about s/rm/trashy/g


Oh, and I forgot to mention, I added a backup camera, which displays on the stereo.


Oh, yeah... LED exterior lighting is on my to do list too.

Anyway, the car is a lot more enjoyable now than it was before. I want to do something about the very tall, and sloppy shift lever, but it seems like the aftermarket for this car has dried up, so I might have to think of something on my own.

Of you've got custom mods (car or other) I'd like to see them.

It doesn't look great, because every little scratch makes the old dry plastic look discolored and dusty. Maybe some plastic treatment will help.


That's flush inlaid into the switch blank. One of the previous owners had drilled a hole in it anyway, so I figured I could do something useful with it.


I probably should have put all that in one thread with replies. Sorry about that.

The stereo has a couple of USB inputs. I extended one to use as a phone charger. It's not a fast charge, but it works. I can also use it for data transfer if I need to.

I use the phone for GPS, and the stereo stem for gauges usually (Torque app). When the phone connects to the stereo's Bluetooth, Profiles turns on WiFi tethering, so the stereo can be used for streaming, or whatever while I'm driving.