@Johncdvorak @adam
Your QR code idea? Already using it. In that same fashion.
Even posted about it months ago.

@mrsdarling @Johncdvorak @adam Pft. Noooo.
Your first post was a link to science magazine.

A science magazine showing Gates pioneered bioluminescent vaccinations (in square form) to be read by smartphones...... It's essentially a QR vaccine with medical history.
I'm sure we can agree that we don't need to bother Adam and John they have enough tags I'm sure.

@mrsdarling Oh, right. That was also discussed lightly on the show sometime last year.
I was meaning this last show where Adam had the idea of overlapping QR codes with show directed QR codes. I hade that exact idea 4 months ago. And have been using it.
A little different than the precursor passport QR scanning.

@pjcyto Are you getting the vinyl from Amazon in bulk for making them. I have a cricut machine but my cheap vinyl isnt the outdoor kind. Updated recipe?

Easy made. Easy print. Easy delivery. Then just travel. Thats for my own means.
If I make custom ones, I have a "local" printer that is in on the fun. They provide the pro work.
It pays to network in the gray area.

@pjcyto Sorry I should've clarified my first post was about where they are going with the QR/vaccine tech. Keep hijacking away! ^_^ I hope you redirect them to warning websites and save a lot ppl from </3

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