Rabbitholes everywhere. And here I am enjoying the chaos and the oder of disappointment in the air.

First timer ends: small download happens.
Second timer ends: URL is pulled by client.
Everyone I know that was on the site are already having issues with their devices slowing down.
Yep. You're now a mining tool.

The britbonglogpost is now downloading something from the website while "verifying" info.
I guarantee this is just a huge ploy to exploit systems for the use of mining. Hence the mine pic at the bottom of the page.

What if all this heat on crypto linking to terrorism is leading to an excuse for the fed to arrest top crypto hounds?

Wore my ASLSTFU shirt today. I was approached by the Lions club. They wanted to recruit me because they assumed I knew def people.
This shirt. It's magical. The trolltastrophies that roll out have been fantastic.

The last time the Olympics were used to platform a racial social issue, the 2 gentleman were 1st and 2nd place holders. They fought hard to get to that position to have their voice heard.
Here we are 2020. Where our team loses the first round in from of nobody to their cause.
It's like growing your own pot then flushing it on a Skype call only to remember everyone was on Zoom.

I use face products. I also have a beard. I can't help but think that when I'm 60, I'll look 40.
From the nose up.

I used to say gif, but now I say gif. I figure it's one of those "potato/potato" scenarios.

Isn't it odd that the media pissed on Trump for being racist by relating him to Hitler? Considering that Nazi's were antisemitic, not racist. Also considering that the current Whitehouse method is utilizing corporations reach to control social issues. Hello, Fascism!

Potential tattoo design #2.
Honestly, I've always wanted a Heptagram. The alchemists knot. I'm actually hoping my girlfriend ends up picking this one.

A little tattoo concept.
I have a plan to get a new tattoo this weekend. The game is this: Have 3 simple designs. Choose 3 places where you would have said design. My girlfriend is doing the same thing.
She chooses a design and a placement for me, and I'll be choosing the design and placement for hers.
This is design number 1 for me.

Woke up and checked the news, as I do. Bitcoin is below 30k. The funny part is, I see 3 stories in my feed with different reasoning.
1 blames the delta varient fear.
1 blames the American stock market.
1 blames national shortages.

It's amazing how the mainstream media has zero clue what the term "decentralized" actually means.

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I've been working a lot on my website today. Launching more colors for shirts soon. As well as spreading designs to new products and blog explaining the madness behind the pieces.

If you're in the states, and you shop at Albertson's or Safeway, use this number at checkout.
It's their long term B2B account number. It gives next to wholesale price changes.
In the off chance you're asked about it by managment, just tell them you run a local private shopping service, and the order was for a customer. It's against policy for them to ask any further.

Pass that along. :)

The government need to hire the Mormon missionaries to do their door to door work. If anyone could be called a pro door knocker, those white shirts do it best!

New poll shows only 16% of Americans trust TV media sources.
Viva No Agenda!
@Johncdvorak @adam

As a creature of chaos, I have a hard time organizing all the ideas I have. I did that today.
It's a lot....
But, I managed to figure out what horse goes before the carriage to push while the other ones pull.

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