The more I see companies use "block chains", the more I realize they have no fucking idea what a block chain is.
Yet, marketing...

Day 2 update after Pfizer shot.
My GF got checked out. Nothing abnormal, except dehydration and extreme fatigue. She slept a total of 11 hrs. This morning she was full of energy.

Her arm is mildly tender, and the headache isn't present as of this morning.

An intense reaction to the shot, but nothing lasting.

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..and yet another doctor, Nathan Thompson, reporting that there's something very wrong with the injected people's blood
#covid #vaccinated #vaccine #deadshot #bloodwork

All these issues in the world only have only vindicated my family lifestyle. Now I look like a Maverick.

Day 1 after the Pfizer shot.
My GF has a bad headache. It started in the frontal lobe and spread quickly like a band around her whole head. It's definitely a migraine.

Her arm hurts from shoulder to wrist. She says it's a steady pain, as if it was over worked the day before in a gym.

Her energy levels are low and has a hard time focusing. Caffiene doesn't seem to help.

Her clinic, who made the shot mandatory, refuses to let her go home, even if she uses PTO.
She's currently contacting her HR.

About 90 min after my GF's Pfizer shot. A headache is forming. Her eyes are hard to focus. She says her left eye seems to be having more issues than the right. The itchy feeling below the skins surface she experienced in the first hour is now coming and going. Her head is clearing up and the pain in her arm is a lot less than what it was.

Part of being in the medical world is the list of vaccines you need to have just to work. That being said, this is a quote from my GF, who is in medical 30 min after the Pfizer shot.

"I've never experienced anything like this. It's like I'm incredibly stoned. But not in a good way? Ya know? I'm just... foggy. My arm hurts. My face and chest itch. It's feels like my skin is irritated from dehydration. I'm thirsty. This shit sucks, dude. This isn't normal."

Oct 19th is the last day here in Oregon to have your vaccines and work in the medical field.

My GF had her final shot today. She was going to wait until the 18th, but they can't consider her "fully vaccinated" until 14 days after the last shot.

Minutes after the shot, the arm she got it in hurt. She had a pain in her inner elbow through bottom arm. Her face felt numb and tingly. A similar feeling to when a foot falls asleep due to lack of circulation.

I'll post updates.

When it comes to selling crypto, you just need to Buy Back Better.

When you pick a tub full of products, and one of them sits in there juuuust right.

Canada and Mexico take up nearly 2/3 of our produce export. Italy and Venezuela seem to take the majority of the rest.

I'm going to assume our relations with Mexico aren't great at the moment. According to Canada's imports, they don't seem to be slowed down with ships outside their ports like we do here in the states.

1/2 Here are some quick numbers for the video you posted. First food.

America exports 25% of its agriculture. Of the remaining, around 15-20% of it ends up being thrown out. Either from transport or from lack of purchase.

To tip America into starvation, 1/3 of our agriculture would have to be destroyed. I feel that would be unavoidably noticeable to the public and media.

The cycle of produce is 3 weeks from pick to sort to stocked. It appears this is for lowering export.

The way the board is looking now.
We are having forced shortages of food and energy. The covid shots are weakening the immune system. Hunger will weaken us further. As we become sick, there isn't much that could be done to save the body.

China is strengthening their people. Removing destrsctions and forcing masculinity into the youth. They are shortening their payments to outside ventures and putting that funding directly into their military.

This is looking more like a play for invasion.

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The Biden regime is paying farmers to destroy their crops as well as randomly dump oil supplies! Something similar is expected in the UK as well. They are actively creating a food and energy shortage.

Forgive me if you've already covered this and I somehow missed it. If not, people need to know what's coming.

The media plays the same game with crypto as they do with stocks.
"Get in now so you can make me rich!"
"Don't buy this! We don't want you being rich!"

I have never said this about any president. However...
Biden is dangerous and needs to be removed from office before he makes another step.

Doing some rearranging of my site. I'll be adding a blog very soon. New products and images coming soon. And I bumped the NA promo code to 13%.

My girlfriend lets me doodle on her sometimes. I decided to draw a quick little creeper on her leg today.

Back when I had a mohawk and more safety pins than necessary, they didn't call us Conspiracy Theorists. They called us Punks.
And we were right.

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