lol Adam putting a hard "g" in sveglia cracked me up.

category 2 hurricane Ian will be going directly over the Caymans.


electroboom on youtube is pretty good. I'd say that AvE is better, but Medhi never actually uses bad language, it's always bleeped out. Usually when he makes a capacitor explode to show why live wires are dangerous, in nearly every video.

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so, uh.
It is a La Nina year. There's been many hurricanes in the pacific, but none in the Atlantic - except for Fiona. There was a massive, huge typhoon called Merbok that slammed into the polar jet stream near Alaska a few days ago. This disrupted all of the weather in North America, including dropping temperatures down to the high 50s in Los Angeles overnight last night.

It bumped Hurricane Fiona away from the Gulf, toward Nova Scotia.

La Nina =/= Pacific storms. What gives? Any theories?

@Johncdvorak Lipstick index and Hemline Index:

to support the JCD theory of economy & strip club attractiveness, maybe?

i am so annoyed, i am *the trap guy* out here, and i've never heard ghostemane. sad.

my nugget ice machine exploded today. The entire top was raised 12mm, a half gallon of water poured out of all the vents.

Under warranty, and now i know it can happen.

Probably can fix it by running a fan constantly in the "cold side". Might hack that on when the new one arrives via RMA.

It is possible that Bill Ewasko's remains were found in Joshua Tree National Forest, near pt 4282' - that is, up canyon from smithwater canyon's mouth.

a lot of search parties and aircraft were within 70 feet at various times, but it took some camping hikers...

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so, uh

how many generators is too many? is a half dozen "too many?"

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