Monday runs are usually a little lighter. Especially after doing 15 miles yesterday. Got in…about 6 today.

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Now known as The PhoneBoy Principle! :D

The PhoneBoy Principle
In any online community, work is done on a 1/9/90 split:
- 1% are the rockstars doing stuff
- 9% are occasional contributors
- 90% are mostly passive

Alright, y'all, I'm putting @noagendaquotes on hiatus for a bit while I get caught up listening and bank some quotes.

Apparently the way I chose to celebrate the 14th Anniversary of The Best Podcast in the Universe was to run 15 miles while listening live. Because, you know, one extra mile for good luck. @adam @Johncdvorak

Those trolls are wild!

No Agenda Show Troll Room Information courtesy of @PhoneBoy

I am not "exempt" from a rule I don't recognize. Free men do not ask for permission to be spared tyranny, we reject it outright.

Not one inch from me you sons of bitches!

Normally when I drink beer, I expect to gain a couple pounds over the previous day.

Last night, I drank a bunch of Guinness. Ended up three pounds *down* when I got up this morning…after umpteen trips to the bathroom overnight 😝

So the new MacBook Pro the day job sent an M1 based one @CSB. One of last years models. So far, my only compliant is the fact it only has two USB-C ports.

Getting into Boise State wasn’t going to be difficult for Thing 2 to do. Now we just need to see if we can make the finances work, given it’ll be out-of-state tuition.

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