You'd think after 9+ years when the boys said this on 204, we'd have answers to the issue with batteries in these electric cars. The issue no one talks about. Goes against the narrative.

Why I'm not big on Electric Cars, from 204:

@adam: No one really does the story on what will happen when you discard these batteries, the kind of pollution that comes from that.
@Johncdvorak: The battery manufacturing and the nickel mining, it's an ecological disaster! Nobody wants to talk about it.

"A former terrorist, how does that work? He gave up, oh I don't want to be a terrorist anymore. I don't want to listen to him, he's still a terrorist! You don't become a former terrorist overnight." β€” @adam 204

After getting home at 1am after a day of shiny metal tube travel, had a wee bit of a motivation issue. β€œJust a couple miles” I told myself. Before you know it, I knocked out 5.55 miles.

I'm no fan of Trump - but only in this country would the media be upset that the President pulled back from a military strike.

I really don't care WHAT message it sends - I'm glad no military strike happened. Trump or not.

These people are SICK that want war in Iran. SICK.

They hate Trump so much that they'd go to war JUST TO OPPOSE him.


BNA > MSP en route to SEA. Remember when these planes were MD-80s, not rebranded Boeing 717s.

So, in retrospect, yes, having ADHD *is* like having a source of noise in your head, and if you actually need to concentrate, you have to push hard to get it out of the way for a minute so you can hear yourself think, and it takes so much effort to do this that you rarely bother. The only time trying to focus doesn't wear you out is when what you're doing offers instant reward.

Today's goes back to 2008 where I had given up on Atkins and the weight I had lost started creeping back on. Today's photo was just after completing 4 miles on the treadmill.

Didn't do it yesterday because shiny metal tubes. Got only 2.5 miles in on the treadmill this morning. Better than nothing. 😬

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