About the only thing we can be sure of is in the next 36 hours, a LOT of people are going to be unhappy.

If you're stuck on Googled Android, what web browser would you use that's not Chrome?

I heard a joke: In 2019 I learned to stay away from negative people. In 2020 I learned to stay away from positive people.

It seems it's not popular to be positive anymore. They've even invented words for it like "hope porn" and hopium.

If it comes down to choosing between hope & optimism and pessimism & despair, I'm going to choose hope and optimism every time. Without hope you have nothing, and it is a choice.

For the ladies: is there any particular meaning to a lady having her long hair down in her cleavage when she's wearing a low-cut dress?

Hilarity ensues when the speakers and the people making the subtitles don't speak English natively, but the subtitles are in English.

I've worked with/for my employer for 25 years and I've just now seen our mission statement. I mean, it's not a shock, given our marketing taglines over the years, but you'd think that would be articulated more explicitly more often.

So much for a day off, I have to flag typos in 100 minute video for Sales Kick Off. Maybe that means I can sleep through the video when I watch it at the time I'm supposed to see it. :P

How can they be the worlds largest streaming audio platform when I've never even heard of them? πŸ™„

@DameAshley @MartinJJ Also heard in the same conversation: β€œYou can die from getting kicked in the balls, ya know.”

Just overheard our 3 youngest human resources playing and one said to the other, β€œThou shalt not be a douchebag”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We are such proud parents! @surrealestate

Hate when the locking tabs break off ethernet cables. In the past, I had so many cables I'd just throw them away. Have a few less excess now and seems wasteful to throw them away when you can just put a new end on it and off you go.

Sadly, will have to wait for the parts to arrive to complete this task, but it's one of those things any Dude Named Ben should know how to do, at least in a pinch.

Time to ramp up the posting of @noagendaquotes again, as I've got too many in the queue.


@Johncdvorak: I didn't mean for that one to be an end-of-show ISO because I thought I was ragging on poor @darrenoneill enough, but if you want to keep pounding him, sure.
@adam: You know, twice a week, I think about how I'd like to pound him.

VERY happy that on today's show J & A pointed out the most important issue at the source of everything going on right now.

Public schools.

They are the single point of all our problems. If you don't see that, you're fighting generations down stream of the root cause.

"The reason why the No Agenda show catches so many douchebaggery things is when you're not distracted by the video, then you actually hear what's being said and sometimes it's funnier than anything." β€” @adam 1313

Well, I guess Brady beat Brees. Will he beat Rodgers? Who knows.

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