"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." — @adam

My 2019 running workouts with an Apple Watch, which I got a year ago, versus what I've done in 2020 so far. Same number of workouts in about four weeks less time, and I've gone farther. 👍🏻

Not to trivialize everything that's going on in the world right now, but I'm feeling a bit like Dory in Finding Nemo: Just keep jogging, just keep jogging…

I guess if unconstitional orders to cower in fear stop working, we move to rioting and looting to achieve the same result?

This is all just a plot to keep @MoeFactz digging down into rabbit holes so no new shows come out to destroy the boule agenda. They've sent out Charlemagne again, so you know they're serious about it.

Ok @CSB, next episode of the podcast is published. And yes, I talk in this one, and it's under 20 minutes. Unlike the podcast I recorded with @wjmaggos this evening, which turned into...a lengthy conversation.


For what it's worth, I saw a lone Black Lives Matter protester standing on a street corner in Gig Harbor today. Clearly Soros didn't consider our small town worthy of a riot.

These rioters are such amateurs. If they wanted to truly affect change, they wouldn't be rioting in San Francisco, Detroit, New York City, and Seattle. They'd be burning down Sacramento, Lansing, Albany, and Olympia.

Wasn't sure I was going to do a round two today, but I did, jogging a short distance in my sandals. No pain, which is good. And got myself a treat: an iced coffee, no sweetener.

"You think they could keep it a secret but these guys are so full of themselves, they don't see any reason to. Nah, let's put it out there, let's manipulate the public and tell 'em how we're gonna do it!" — @Therealdvorak 1245


In other news, it looks like both my wife's and my social security number were used to file fraudulent unemployment benefit claims in the State of Washington. Thank you, Jay Fucking Inslee.

Given how sore my calves were last night and they were still a little sore this morning, I opted for a walk instead of a jog.

Calves are a bit sore from 11 miles of running in sandals on a treadmill today. Enjoying some Brown Sugar Bourbon while listening to , transcribing quotes.

I say I'm going to go easy and before I know it, I've done 6+ miles. In addition to the 5 I did this morning.

What evidence is there that lockdowns in response to Covid-19 actually did anything or were actually necessary? None, really. Ivor Cummins explains it in about 2 minutes.


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