Happy the hotels I've stayed at this week have treadmills and I've had time to use them.

Still trying to get my doctor to tell me what my actual CAC score was but he said "no heart disease." However, my aorta is…enlarged. πŸ˜‘

The one place I go where I HAVE to pay cash? My barber. Because cash is still king.

@SirBemrose @darrenoneill

Some idiot PR person on Twitter thought because I talked about vegans on Twitter, I'd be interested in a pitch for their frankenfood products in my email.

Yeah, No.

Canada only had two stores: Tim Horton's and Canadian Tire.

It's funny when I hear a popular song that I recognize, I immediately think it's the Weird Al version and not the real version.

Toronto Pearson is a huge airport. This particular part is empty. The only store down here is a Tim Hortons.

Candanavia, I am in you once again. Wheels down YYZ en route to YQB.

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