Been a while since I did a run at 5am. Seems fitting to listen to a podcast interview with Wim Hof in 38F/3C temps.

MiniMe and his band of miscreant friends apparently published a game in the Steam store. MiniMe did all the sound stuff.

In case you’re wondering: Washington State checks signatures on the back of your mail-in vote. Mini-Me got his ballot rejected because of it.

Arguing with a vendor over the sales tax they charged me was not something I signed up for. Worst part: I'm not ultimately the one on the hook for paying it (it's a work thing). Still, it's the principle. You have my address and can look up the correct tax rate.

I do give our lawmakers some credit, they actually have my almost exact situation written into the law. And it's not difficult to read.

Now to figure out what the penalty is for violating this.

If you can get this to load it's a high-end confirmation of the thesis put forth by No Agenda regarding tests

Read long thread.

The same globalist dickbags behind “Build Back Better” are also trying to sell us on eating less meat. Far easier to control the slaves when they are weak and far more profitable for the globalist dickbags in charge.

Thankfully, they haven't managed to completely fuck up the NFL yet like they have with every other sport. It's still got its share of social justice bullcrap, but it's still entertaining to watch.

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