There’s a literal prison nearby, but people all over live in prisons of their own making. And I wonder why they felt the need to put these signs every few feet in front of a patch of blackberries. A sign which didn’t deter me from stopping to pick a few.

And, of course, it’s the end of the month, which means time to check in on my 2021 goal of running 2021 miles.

β€œWith Pharma, they are basically just law companies with the chemical bins out in the back. That’s all they do. And marketing, of course.” β€” @adam 1366

Two great quotes from 1366. Follow @noagendaquotes for more of the same.

β€œPeople are pulling away from the media…In fact, there’s probably more chance that people want to listen to complete conspiracy crap just to not have to hear what those people have to say!” β€” @adam

β€œIt’s a hell of a lot more entertaining to listen to Alex Jones than it is to listen to NBC!” β€” @Johncdvorak

β€œIt’s the first time in my life my soul has been crushed by being described as one of two old dudes…That was soul crushing but otherwise very flattering.” β€” @adam 1366


@adam: Headline: Today Show ratings lowest rating in 30 years.
@Johncdvorak: Yeah, doesn’t surprise me. They’re woke and sick and all celebrity oriented. They got no news, it’s terrible! The NBC people should be fired…

@alex Hate Cluster sounds like an excellent name for a fedi instance. Or a breakfast cereal in the plural.

How You Get An (Associate) Executive Producer on No Agenda. Also: Dollar currencies are generally treated at par with US Dollar (Candanavia, Australia).

β€œDid you know that was such a point of contention when the name podcasting started to be used? In fact, was it not the inventor of the netcast who thought that would be a better name? People didn’t want to call it a podcast.” β€” @adam 1365

Oh yeah, I remember that debate back in the day. Which is funny because the inventor of the netcast has always fapped over everything from that fruity company in Cupertino.


@Johncdvorak: What’s the Gaff?
@adam: You didn’t hear him say experimental vaccine?
J: That’s what it is!
A: But he immediately cut that off.
J: But why?
A: Because people do not want to feel like they are being experimented on!


@adam: Since when do you believe Biden has his faculties about him? Is it possible…
@Johncdvorak: It may have been a moment of lucidity for all we know. You can’t tell!

Remember folks, if you don’t stand up against this bullshit, nothing will change:

Latest cartoon from the great George Alexopoulos (known as @GPrime85 on Twitter)

And…Hollyweird continues to come to terms with β€œThe New Normal.”

Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over Black Widow’s streaming release

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