Studies show that people are more likely to believe what you say if you say studies show beforehand.

I don't care what economic model delivers it.

I don't care what political model delivers it.

I don't care how we get there.

all deserve to be free.

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Alright, final mileage total for the year is over 185k. That's...a lot.

Finally on the ground in Seattle but stuck on the tarmac because gates are busy. So in no-mans land.

Only one seat available in First and I was number 2 on the upgrade list, so my Comfort+ seat will have to do.

I am violating my "don't eat on planes" rule but only because I'm sitting in the extra fancy seats. And listening to The Best Podcast in the Universe transcribing quotes for @noagendaquotes. And the food is not complete shit.

The weather in Dublin is quite stormy. It's been an hour and we're still waiting to take off to JFK. At least I'm in the comfy seats.

That feeling when you realize you’ve gotten an unexpected Delta One upgrade on DUB > JFK 😍

Surprised they’re not rioting to take this sexiss statue down

β€ͺLast time I was in Dublin (September 2017), I went to The Brazen Head and took a selfie. Did the same thing just now. Major thanks to !‬

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