Lies in IT:
• Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
• Trivial File Transfer Protocol
• Portable Document Format

"You wanted one porn picture [from USENET]? For five hours, you had to download 18 different parts and then have a program that reassembled it!" — @adam 1212

"Wanting to take care of your spouse in the context of a happy, stable monogamous marriage is bad, but wanting to be a whore and stab your husband in the back is apparently something to be celebrated."

Welcome to 2020, folks.

Last of my "I'm too small for this" t-shirts. It's an Israeli 2XL that I could never fit into. All my other 2XLs are too big now.

Before we had reality TV, we had game shows. Both similarly fake. But, occasionally, there are still moments of pure unadulterated joy.

Also, I wasn't initially sure about Drew Carey taking over The Price is Right from Bob Barker. Seems to be growing into the role, though.

My question is if a white, obviously not Korean person entered that bathroom and a flight attendant saw them, would they have kicked them out?

And no, in my years of travel, I have never seen a lavatory blocked off exclusively for crew use. They do block access when a pilot is going to use it as a security measure post 9/11, but that's temporary.

Vivaldi it is. That plus uBlock Origin should keep the web...somewhat reasonable.

What web browser are the cool kids using? Need to use something Chrome based for various reasons (i.e. the extensions), but don't want to use Chrome itself for obvious reasons.

Peeked my head out of the garage to go for a jog at 6am, saw rain. Weather app said "partly cloudy." So I said, "treadmill." And here we are.

I just unlocked my phone with one of my nipples. Turns out you can add them as "fingerprints"

@adam: Why does this woman even think this way?
@Johncdvorak: She's always creeped me out. I think she's a reptile for sure!

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