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Taxing carbon: US tax revenue is about 4 trillion. US carbon emissions are 1.5 billion kg. So would taxing carbon mean $2700 per kg of carbon in coal, oil, gas?

Old news: Why was Skripal's roof replaced? "replacement of roof timbers is precautionary measure"

Guess walls, skirtings, windows, kitchen, & floors were replaced too?

Only 3 people were treated (on or soon after - excluding Charlie and Dawn) only 1 PC (who wore a protective suit). Skripal helpers didn't need treatment - they were incredibly lucky! - but roof has to be replaced?

Since Charlie & Dawn found an un-opend novichok perfume, when will another one be found?

Have left and right merged?
Delayed report into Russian interference into Brexit and UK elections - Christpher Steele as expert witness - Trump-Russia dossier financed by the Democratic Party - Pablo Miller, MI6 handler of Russian/UK double agent Sergei Skripal - Tory government and Blairites in Labour Party allege, without offering any concrete proof, that Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by the Putin regime on British soil last year.

I can see a small pipe. 2 gate-style taps. Tea strainer. Spoon. Cigarette lighter. Wire. Electrical tape with label. Small screw driver. Perhaps a AA battery. Flash bulb?. Red plastic freezer container and lid.

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Things That Made Me Go Heh - Volume 7

The one with the collection of things that made me giggle...

Left home at 1315. Might get home 0045. That's a Sydney meetup.

This Solar Energy Company Fired Its Construction Crew After They Unionized - VICE

โ€œThe total hypocrisy of their progessive mission as a green energy company is disgusting. They did everything that a big bad union busting company does. This is exactly what a coal company or any other evil company does.โ€

Steve Gibson like to remind listeners of evils of interpreters... it bugs me... He isn't wrong. But what computing arctitecture ISN'T an interpreter? There is none: all code is interpreted; all data is interpreted; There is no such thing as non-interpreted code. RISC is interpretation: memory values are read, decoded, & executed on an assumption that it is an instruction. CISC have layers of interpretation & execution.
I think Steve thinks assembler is pure non-interpretative code, but it isn't.

So today in Eastern Australia, the press is proclaiming the end of the world and everybody is FREAKING OUT! Because today is is classified as "CATASTROPHIC fire danger". Something like 350 schools are closed, despite there being currently 0 fires in fire region 4. Surprise surprise, it turns out that last year they changed the rating system to terrify the public more effectively.


Rating Scale

Article about new system

ITM y'all - posted the latest vid for the NA Animation Studios today. I had a very hard time picking a clip to animate from the last show. There were just too many. Finally settled on what made me laugh out loud and what I knew I could get done fairly quickly (but I might dive back in and do something else from Sunday's show later - all too good). Hope y'all enjoy it.

Names. Words. I amuse myself by saying them backwards.
I caught my train with a friend and another girl I knew as 'tara'. I don't recall how it came up, but she said Tara was short for taraspop. I sounded it backwards to myself and said something like 'that's funny because backwards...' It was then that I thought I should shut up because I might be opening a wound... But it was too late... I had already said it...


on โ€ฆ
An interview with Steve McIntyre who debunked Michael Mann's hockeystick. A bomb shell after 01:01:00 - A young climate scientist was interested in his methods. She wanted her name not disclosed. At the end she agreed her name was revealedโ€ฆ

Belgium and other European states are preparing to evacuate citizens accused of having links to Islamic State from detention camps in north-eastern Syria through a newly declared safe zone being carved out by Turkish forces along the border.

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