Actually... John was born in NZ... They had their chance to join with us and decided against federation... good move...

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I'm sure someone has already mentioned this...

Clarke and Dawe are Australians.
John Clarke died in 2017.

They are well missed.

@coldacid I wonder if it suggests different Gate construction. Eg . pmos where, I think, inversion is performed on gate

@mhjohnson was that b&w? Mr. Big. Rubber banana peel and fang and 99 is a girl?

On this day in 1965
The first episode of "Get Smart". Not quite the same idea as Mission:Impossible due to the humor and crazy gadgets.

@ned actually, I could do live at least once - just got to bed early and set alarm

Various ILI in NSW au. They mostly have same transmission as SARS2.0 but some gone to zero (flu) and some 10x average peak.

@ned good. Depends on time: Monday nights I vist parents. fridays we have dinner with Daughter and SIL.

Interesting. Sars-cov-2 unlikely from bat virus ratg13.

"The researchers conclude: β€œIn this paper, we report that the currently specified level of details are grossly insufficient to draw inferences about the origin of SARS-CoV-2. This work is a call to action for the scientific community to better collate scientific evidence about the origins of SARS-CoV-2.”

Scientists claim serious data discrepancies in RaTG13 sequence

@ned I should have said chess... I've never listened live... What time?

Proof electricity is racist: light bulbs only make white light.

just over the transom:

"Cracking open the COVIDSafe" - Yaakov Smith
(from PyConline AU 2020)
[youtube 25min]

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