@bigl0af too many ideas. Focus on double-slit. A single electron hits a screen. How do we know there was 1 election?

@SirHendrick that is an astonishing model to have above you bed and to deliberately pose with in a family portrait.

@thor are you not asking a similar question that many ask? Why do i exist? What is meaning of life? What is point of life?

Roger Stone convicted of being - or appearing to be - stupid.

It is a bit funny. I can't imagine why he lied and tried to silence person 2. He had nothing. He has no information - if he did, FBI would have found it, no?

Read the full indictment document against Stone from the Mueller team here.


and German Intelligence sold encryption machines from Switzerland through Siemens to sell these to over 100 countries, from the 70's…90's under the name . They also spied on allies like Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Dutch involvement too, after a small company developed encryption technology. Visited by Dutch intelligence, they were made an offer they could not refuse. Philips took over production after downgrade. πŸ•΅πŸ» @adam youtu.be/27-NoxlYFvI

@thor me too. I read your post. A few times. I felt it was wrong and could be fixed by removing 'not'. Thinking back, i suspect i read it as 'animals of prey'

@thor correction: If it eats meat, bugs or blood, it's a prey animal...

Peak oil is true: "peak oil" peaked mid 2000's as a search term and phrase in research papers.

I was just saying that the old Christmas tunes were getting overplayed and meant nothing to people - we need some new christmas stuff for the playlist.



@coldacid can't you use web interface? I just deleted masto. App to go back to using web with a shortcut on home screen.

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