Various ILI in NSW au. They mostly have same transmission as SARS2.0 but some gone to zero (flu) and some 10x average peak.

In AU, flu deaths (just flu, not pneumonia caused by flu) have vanished!

Add-in pneumonia and multiple by 10-20.

Lab confirmed cases - not an estimate...


In NSW AU, we have had lowest ever road fatalities per 100k. First cars were on road in 1908 - possibly 1907.
Last 6 years no much has changed: 4 deaths/100k

I've tried to train Google. Google is recalcitrant. It won't let me block stories about Greta doomberg.

For all I have tried, it only lets me block stories about Trump!

Headline: US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin talks down to Greta Thunberg over climate change concerns. Google only offers to block Trump or ABC!

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