I don’t know how the rest of y’all** feel about it, but if @Johncdvorak and @adam took a Thursday off this Sunday, and streamed this show in lieu, I would not complain.

Thoughts ??

**cultural appropriation...as an aussie I should have used “you’s”

I dunno @ChrisWilson, I didn't realise how dirty I felt listening in on @Johncdvorak on DHunplugged. @adam deserves his side hustle with Moe (if the keeper is alright with it) but perhaps not at the expense of a NA show... thems are precious minutes of amydala shrinkage.

@GWFF I know what you’re saying. I’d miss it too. I also have an idea of how much work goes into a show. I’ve got some best of stuff I’m putting together, so the guys can have a bit of a break.

Here in Aus, were spoiled with 2 days off over Christmas, 2 over Easter, New Years Day, Australia Day, Anzac Day, Queens Birthday, and the long weekend in October which is for some good reason. Plus 4 weeks annual paid holidays. Everyone goes to the pub on Melbourne cup day too

@Johncdvorak @adam

@philcolbourn jump on the link now and have your mind gently but significantly expanded. Sub to Mo’s channel on YouTube and his tweeter address. If you start listening now, you’ll be done before the show starts at 2:00am our time

I listened to @adam and Moe and the. watched the Rat Film about Baltimore rats and the city planning. Quite a day.

@ChrisWilson @adam Started listening. not finished. Adam is an impressive interviewer.
But I can't stay up to 2AM and listen to NA for another 3 hours - especially tomorrow - my Son's 17th birthday.

@philcolbourn just keep him skeptical. He’s got a good dad. That counts for a lot

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