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Laws to be guided by (and copied directly from Wikipedia) - No. 1

Bradford's law is a pattern described by Samuel C. Bradford in 1934 that estimates the exponentially diminishing returns of extending a library search.

News has AFL highlights.

Ah... AFL: an oval ball game mostly played in high-heals...

No one in stadium.

Crowd noise is deafening!

Nearly Half Of All COVID-Related Deaths In The US Are Directly Tied To Nursing Homes: Report

I deleted my FB account. No one cases, do they.
But to have some fun, I manually deleted all posts, unfriended everyone, and unliked everything.

A week ago I discovered my wife didn't know about CHAZ. I think my youngest didn't know either. Yesterday I find that my daughter and her husband didn't know about it either. They were shocked! They can't believe that protesters have taken up arms and taken over part of a city and erected a border and excluded police and started farming kale.

8 out of 10 cats does Countdown

I wrote a program to find longest words from 9 letters.

Susie Dent from 'dictionary corner' often lists all longest words.

She must have a program too... no?


I try to limit what CAs I trust on my phone. On Android you can disable CAs such as China financial CA, Hongkong post CA, Government Root CA - which government?.

I think it is unlikely that I'll need most of these CAs. It takes a while to disable/enable CAs and it is a pain for apps that don't provide any warning of certificate validation failure - like podcast apps.

Worse is redirections of podcasts to measurement pages - I need CA for both measuring server and podcast host.

Can you stand on one leg for, say 10s?
Can you do it with eyes closed?
Not so easy... why?


PM called out for having no clue about Australian history.

A WEEK LATER: gets even by almost tripling the cost of degrees in history and critical thinking. πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”

Immediately creates media distraction about "cyber" threats (which are always happening but never make the news, so you have to always have to ask why these "non-events" are injected into the news cycle).

Apropos from the archives:
Clarke and Dawe on HECS for Higher Ed (1989).

By wondering if I was making a peanut butter and Vegemite sandwich, wife Del effectively dared me to do just that.

It's OK. Vegemite flavour is strong. Use less... Unless you like it.

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