Novichok found in blood of second policeman

we are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen the counterfeit 'Nina Ricci' perfume box or bottle that was recovered from Charlie Rowley's address in July 2018.
We cannot account for the whereabouts of the bottle, nozzle or box between the attack on 4 March 2018 and when Charlie Rowley said he found it on 27 June 2018. Anyone who saw this pink box or glass bottle during this time is asked to call police

Microsoft and AT&T working on 5G edge computing. Nokia are doing this as well. I think it is part of LTE spec.

My rule for news feeds: if site ads annoy me, or if i can't read whole article, i remove them from my news feed.

'Shots fired'. Or 'shots were fired'. Can shots be fired? Or do they mean bullets were fired. Or guns fired?

Why are newer posts at top? Isn't this upside down as we read down a page?

BTW, Masterdon web interface on an android phone is fantastic. I added it to my homescreen. Even registers as a target for sharing links. I'm impressed.

Former AWS Engineer Arrested as Capital One Admits Massive Data Breach | Threatpost

does anyone know how data can be kept safe from a service provider? Is this even possible?

Humans are odd. Animals aren't worried about being naked; or licking themselves; or what any other creature looks like or smells like; or where they defecate; or where they live; or what oythers do. Just us... so it isn't that surprising that we have different and generally irrational opinions about what is right or wrong.
I like Rev. Wilbert Awdry (Thomas the tank Engine) got Thomas to say: it isn't wrong, but we just don't do it.

My Tusky app on android gets notifictions, but doesn't update messages. Is it just me?

Sea levels and tides on Perth coastline

Discusses choice of year to start comparison from;
Likely sea-level drop from one volcano eruption;
Massive land subsidence possibly due to water table falling;

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