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I don't see how this is random-chance; random-anything; anything-chance - we can't design anything like this... we don't even know how it works!

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Laws to be guided by (and copied directly from Wikipedia) - No. 1

Bradford's law is a pattern described by Samuel C. Bradford in 1934 that estimates the exponentially diminishing returns of extending a library search.

Seems just wrong to me... software bug?...Spain hit by biggest solar radiation decline in 28 years in March – pv magazine International 

Health Minister admits that the law "isn't convincing anyone to accept vaccination," and has been responsible for deep social rifts

Good news for unspoiled Austrians.

Clarke and Dawe explain the energy market. God I miss these hilarious bastards.

my most popular and most reposted post!

i think I'll stop posting now and finish on this high.

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or is he (oops) they, my (oops - suggests ownership), a non-birthing grand-person...

that will never catch on...

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how can any software running on a deterministic machine have consciousness?

if it can, then what is consciousness?

maybe I should define consciousness first... or state what it isn't...

it isn't anything automatic or deterministic.

my dog seems to be conscious. is it?

it feels pain. it can fear. it enjoys play. it seems happy and anticipates a great time when i say 'walk'. it seems to hope...

is this enough?


government of NSW has asked agencies to reduce electricity use... what would happen if we had more electric vehicles?

i think EV owners need to have their own solar panels... but if EVs are used they are likely to be away from home during sunny hours...

dr John a bit flabbergasted at cdc pushing childhood vaccination 

i guess no jokes about Joe today... he should have make it for a month...

does US constitution and laws allow president to proclaim days?

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"NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 15, 2022, as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. I encourage all Americans to be diligent, work togetherto strengthen existing partnerships, and develop new opportunities to improve our Nation's prevention and response to elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation."

why are impersonations of Joe Biden understandable?

i can't follow what he says after about 10 words

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