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Laws to be guided by (and copied directly from Wikipedia) - No. 1

Bradford's law is a pattern described by Samuel C. Bradford in 1934 that estimates the exponentially diminishing returns of extending a library search.

Greta Thunberg, Jacinda Arden and the WHO are among those who could win the Nobel Peace Prize tonight

I'm sure there was someone else who was nominated 3 times... Perhaps not...

My parents are 80 and 81. They are independent and mostly healthy. But I'm concerned.

I did some reading and decided that a good dose of vitamin D and zinc can't hurt.

I experimented on myself for a few weeks - i do have a 50:50 mix of their genes... I also drank green tea as a zinc ionophore but ended up purchasing quercetin as Hcq isn't available here without prescription.

I also take a multivitamin, but they don't. Dad is on a little aspirin.

Any concerns or suggestions?

I was chatting with a guy at church. He wore a denim mask. Looked home made. When he breathed in, this mask got sucked into his face. He looked like is was having trouble breathing.

I said nothing - coward that I am.

What is clear is that we will not have a result for several days...

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Scrutineers are looking into these results. It is clear that neither canditate has gained a majority.

An investigation has been launched into Delaware due to unclear marking;

And I am recieving complaints of unnecessary union involvement in good paying jobs and a clear lack of working class involvement.

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I've been frustrated with Google podcast twice recently. Mostly when they change interface. Then I found they are tracking everything I subscribe to and listen to. Decided to go back to antenna pod.

What would he say today...

George Carlin - Germs and Immune System - SUBSCRIBE to Metal Matt - YouTube

Has anything changed in 55 years?

George Carlin- Stand Up Routine 1965 [Reelin' In The Years Archives] - YouTube

Actually... John was born in NZ... They had their chance to join with us and decided against federation... good move...

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I'm sure someone has already mentioned this...

Clarke and Dawe are Australians.
John Clarke died in 2017.

They are well missed.

On this day in 1965
The first episode of "Get Smart". Not quite the same idea as Mission:Impossible due to the humor and crazy gadgets.

Various ILI in NSW au. They mostly have same transmission as SARS2.0 but some gone to zero (flu) and some 10x average peak.

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