My life is empty and meaningless. I wake every morning crying, and cry myself to sleep every night. Because all of the @PINE64 products I want are out of stock.

@mitch 3 days in a row Podverse on iOS has frozen at around 6 am and taken about 20 minutes to recover. Is there something I can do to stop this?

Uncomfirmed, but it seems that anti-submarine warfare command is being deployed to unknown location in response to perceived Russian threat.

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Anybody know about unusual US Military deployments occurring? I learned from a military family today that a Navy air command in DFW area that no one ever expected to deploy is shipping out on short notice. I don’t know where. This particular person is in a classified role.

The families are freaking out partly because of an unexpected deployment and partly because they think something big might be happening.

Please, please tell me I’m not the only one who finds a meaningful statement in:

Squad 51 KMG365

Dear God,
Please keep the USD price of Bitcoin low for at least 2 more weeks as I am liquidating illiquid assets so I can buy.

The price of has collapsed back to levels not seen in nearly 24 hours!

Is there any science to suggest that vaxxed, masked subject gets additional protection against COVID by hunching their shoulders when walking by an unmasked person?

Asking because I was just at Trader Joe’s.

Bitcoin I bought a week ago is up 33% at the moment.

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Boost if you won’t shop at businesses requiring vaccine passports.

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Wanted to share my heartfelt gratitude and love to the best podcast in the universe!!! Huge win for my wife today as her religious exception was approved at the health care system she works at! Many thanks to all the producers and @adam and @Johncdvorak for providing the documentation that made it possible for her to get the approval! This has been a black cloud over our family since the mandate announcement was made a month back and the relief she is feeling today is amazing!!!

As it happens, I already have everything I need to make ClO2 right here in my house. I'm going to stop typing and get started.


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Meanwhile, look at what happened in the real world. Bolivia and Ecuador went from the highest death rates in South America to near the lowest starting in October 2020. I can't tie that to ClO2, of course, but it's certainly interesting.


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In mid-2020 some news stories came out about ClO2 being used in Ecuador and Bolivia to treat Covid. I had forgotten all about those. Not reposting them here, but they are easy to find if you look. But do you remember hit pieces like this one? Note that it came out in September 2020.


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Thanks to whoever posted here earlier about Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) for Covid. I can't find the original post now. I spent most of the afternoon researching it, and here's what I found...


To be clear, it's been shared custody until this week. I've always spent time with him every day. But I haven't been solely responsible for him 24/7 with no help until this week.

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ITM friends. I need some emotional support. A week ago I took full custody of my autistic 19yo son. My ex is mentally ill - not her fault, but she's not getting treatment.
So after 1 week during which he was in adult transition program (from the local school district) for 27 hours and I was responsible the rest of the time, I'm fucking exhausted.
I will do what I have to because I can't fail him. But I don't know how I'm going to do it. It's a lot of work, while working a full time job.

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