I wonder how many dead people (or people not really living in these states) voted in the 2020 election?

I bet turnout was amazing for the dead and non-residents, esp. in the after midnight voting crowd.

I see now that mean tweeting Trump is gone ...

we can resume our conflicts in Somalia, Iran, Syria, Isreal and start WW3 by pressuring Finland and Sweden in to joining NATO.

If they take out our legion of doom HQ in Ukraine, we can find a new base in one of these fine places!

And MSM will support us all the way!

If I hate my job and I hate losing money in the stock market ...

It just doesn't get any better than right now!!!

I'm supposed to believe she is a police officer who has been in a dungeon with NAZIs for how long?

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The next time your military operation surrenders .... just remember the MSM reframing ... it's just an "evacuation" ... and you decided to "cease operations" ...

It just blows my mind that we know Biden is allowing the illegals to cross the border, get into buses or planes ... travel to various cities within the US ... and zero law or border enforcement is occurring. How is this possible?

Is the idea to show that even the court system is rigged and worthless?

The Ukrainian military doesn't bury the dead, even their own. This is a war, but the supposedly civilized side the west supports ... are actually the "orcs" and nazi(s). That why the MSM lies about this. I'm not surprised this is the side Soros is on.


2) @david52 on twitter
"Meanwhile, in the Azovstal catacombs: more than 2,500 "combatants" including NATO mercenaries, Azov 804 active, dozens of wounded, 55 serious, about 200 dead and three Russian soldiers taken prisoner (1 officer, 2 soldiers)... no it's evacuation it's SURRENDER OF AZOVSTAL!!"

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Exposing the bots (fake users), the censorship, the lack of objectivity

Twitter is more active than ever ... censoring (banning) the only twitter accounts which are/were providing honest information on Ukraine.

Ukraine is losing bigly, but they think if they hide it ... we will still send them billions.



I suspect there are many more secrets hidden in Ukraine.

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"You can't act like you are against white supremacy in Buffalo and then support giving the people sporting the same Nazi symbol $40 billion in Ukraine"

"Oh wait, this is America, sure you can"

Why was a US general hiding down in the Mariupol catacombs with the Ukrainian NAZI(s) ?

NATO is looking more and more suspect.


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