So pfizer's new drug is two protease inhibitors. One new and one old. Protease inhibitors probably mess up your metabolism forever.

One of the surveys they use as support in the OSHA mandate document was conducted by ASU, WEF and with support from the Rockefeller foundation!

I think they have successfully confused COVID19, which are clinical symptoms like AIDS with the virus itself. SARS-COV-2 can cause COVID19, but the vax can cause similar COVID19 symptoms. You can be diagnosed with COVID19 from the either one and nobody will know the difference.

When I grew up you had to Just Say No to drugs. Now you have to Just Say Yes to drugs. It's very confusing.

New animal based diet org with such a fantastic name for meat eating advocacy in this day:

So much inflation, how is this fruit company still in business? Their pocket computer phone costs less 40 years later.

A doctor I follow on instagram has started calling covid chocolate cake so they don't get banned for talking about chocolate cake cases and chocolate cake coming from the chocolate cake lab and not from a bat.

If you need to turn your monitor vertically, the methods in your classes are too long.

Very disturbing interview that every adult who is against tyranny should watch.

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Things done just for fun on the internet sometimes become the biggest.

“Mostly because it seemed like a neat idea.” - Ray Tomlinson, Email

“I'm doing a free operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu)” - Linus Torvalds, Linux

Spike proteins themselves might be dangerous. Spike protein impairs endothelial function:

The climate change no agenda clip show made me kinda angry, I need the commentary to diffuse the insanity.

Biden looked like a deep fake to me last night with all that Botox in his forehead.

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