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My tinfoil hat protects you, your tinfoil hat protects me.

One day left to comment on the dietary guidelines for americans for 2025. Tell the USDA to stop ignoring low carb.

The news headline is the gender bias naming of parasitic worms, but the actual paper says they are being named after family and friends. Also Baracktrema obamai -

UFO hearing in congress next Tuesday. "These briefings show UFOs with performance characteristics to include instantaneous hypersonic acceleration, ease of travel between air, water, and space, and the ability for active concealment."

// this is the magic line -- excuse me wtf does this do?

My tinfoil hat protects you, your tinfoil hat protects me.

Horatio Storer fought to criminalize abortion in the 1850s. Bringing it under the AMA, undercutting midwives and making pregnancy medicalized.

TIL nitrous oxide is considered a greenhouse gas too. Most of it comes from fertilizer spread on crops since half the nitrogen in the fertilizer escapes to the air and half goes into the soil. Curiously fertilizer is thing that has gotten most expensive now.

Dr. Mike Yeadon on Delingpod made a comment that it might be impossible to have a respiratory viral pandemic across the entire globe because viruses evolve to be more transmissible and less deadly, so a pandemic would never last around the globe.

The US Federal Government is spending a TWTR every 2.7 days in 2022.

Bill gates wrote a book "How to avoid a climate disaster" just last year, and is also short 500 million of TSLA stock? Who makes EV's, Solar panel roofs, and battery backups. I don't think you need any more evidence that it is all just a financial game and not about the environment.

I bought a beef protein powder from amazon and found the ingredient wholesaler website, they have a dog biscuit flying across their homepage, woof.

At this point if people stuck in the matrix don’t have time to read 50 banned social media accounts and listen to 200 hours of podcasts I’m not sure they can catch up to the true narrative.

All Diets are "Plant-Based'. Plants take energy from the sun into the food supply. Animals eat plants. Animals eat the animals that eat the plants.

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