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@Johncdvorak Did I ever tell you about the time I asked Edward Snowden about his glasses? Are you buying it???? What a sentimental chap. Sorry in advance for the audio quality, it was not entirely planned out.

Episode 2 of my silly podcast has dropped. Episodes always under 3 minutes so have a quick listen!

If only interviewers were as tough on politicians as what’s her name was on Jeffrey Toobin. 😀

I decided to launch a comedic podcast where I deadpan or dramatically read the lyrics of songs. Check it out! Beware it’s explicit.

I just realized it’s live show time but I’m still 2 shows behind, so will have to listen in post.

Today’s Thoughtful Thought: I had a comment on Instagram removed because I referred to myself as an “ignorant American.”

How I long for the days when we had free speech, and a non-triggered public who embraced diversity of opinion. Now we limit diversity to race & sexual preference—why limit diversity? Seems counter to the very definition of the word.

@adam This may have been covered because I'm a couple episodes behind due to travel, but according to LaCroix's website:

"How is ‘LaCroix’ pronounced?

La-CROY. It rhymes with ‘enjoy’."

I think “The Variants are Raging” would be a great name for a rock album.

@adam I learned a great German word today, “Fachidiot.” Definition: a person who has no interest outside of their subject. I’d modify “Over-socialized, under-informed,” adding “over-educated” —who think they know everything as a result, ergo Fachidiot.

Why does laundry sometimes feel like a painful chore that goes on forever?

Dvorak doesn’t approve of “great question,” and either do I but the use of “Finally” is out of control in the media. It’s so annoying. For example, Gizmodo tells us here that a 27” iMac is not enough and apparently the world is clamoring for a larger display. If anyone has used one of these things, 27” is quite large as an all-in-one, and I know people who complain they’re even a bit unruly. Who’s longing for a much larger iMac display? Nobody I know. Clickbait, indeed.

Listening to episode 1333 on a plane listening to @Johncdvorak’s Nuts rant. Laughing out loud.

Is anyone actively using NextCloud on a RPi?

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