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I think “The Variants are Raging” would be a great name for a rock album.

@adam I learned a great German word today, “Fachidiot.” Definition: a person who has no interest outside of their subject. I’d modify “Over-socialized, under-informed,” adding “over-educated” —who think they know everything as a result, ergo Fachidiot.

Why does laundry sometimes feel like a painful chore that goes on forever?

Dvorak doesn’t approve of “great question,” and either do I but the use of “Finally” is out of control in the media. It’s so annoying. For example, Gizmodo tells us here that a 27” iMac is not enough and apparently the world is clamoring for a larger display. If anyone has used one of these things, 27” is quite large as an all-in-one, and I know people who complain they’re even a bit unruly. Who’s longing for a much larger iMac display? Nobody I know. Clickbait, indeed.

Listening to episode 1333 on a plane listening to @Johncdvorak’s Nuts rant. Laughing out loud.

Is anyone actively using NextCloud on a RPi?

Does anyone know the link to the OTG phone guy that converts Pixels? I’m passing along information and not able to hunt it down ATM.

@paulsalzman @Johncdvorak as someone who has worked around this industry for a long time. Most are connected to the internet for outside support for their equipment. Some do it very securely but most do not as good security isn’t cheap or easy

Since Hunter is back in the news it seems like a good time to remind people that, while he was on the board at Burisma, they were supporting violent white supremacist groups involved in Charlottesville unite the right rally which ultimately ended up further fracturing the right.

“Hacker Changed Chemical Level in Florida City’s Water System,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

It goes on, “A water-treatment plant in Oldsmar, Fla., was hacked, and the intruder briefly increased the amount of lye used to treat water to a dangerous level, authorities said Monday.”

This begs the question @Johncdvorak asks all the time, why are these important infrastructure systems linked to the standard public internet at all? Seems like a future of big problems with infrastructure.

@Johncdvorak Here's a pretty accurate piece on Carlos Ghosn. I've been following this story because Automotive is my beat. However, this guy sums it up nicely.

I think what we've learned here is that @Johncdvorak is really the big draw here. 😆

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