@CSB Thanks for watching Leo so we don’t have to 😏

I found a clip of The History of the World I had in my head. youtu.be/7OWMB3ewpNM

Call me a simpleton but one of my favorite comedic scenes in a movie is @melbrooks History of the World.

"My God King, you look like the Piss Boy."

"And you look like a bucket of shit."

You need the visuals to understand how funny this is.

I’m very excited, I’m about to hit podcast inbox zero before Thursday’s show. Dedicated listening to my prioritized podcasts is helping me reach this zany goal.

So another thing that's been bugging me...how come no one mentions the fact that since you can't sue big pharma for vax injury that burden falls to the CDC? That means the CDC is inherently set up to defend and back big pharma regardless of safety or efficacy. Something to ponder...

Long time independent and commercial media producer, Amber MacKenzie interviewed Justin Trudeau yesterday. When you hear his position on how he can’t protect the people from misinformation it just reeks of the arrogance politicians who think the public is made up of all sheeple. Then again, maybe he’s right 😏 instagram.com/tv/CTzVtlJg3Of/?

I see Uncle Leo has a Mastodon network now, twit.social.

@MartinJJ Later, they'll tell us it's only for Boring Company-made tunnels. ;)

@HardCordelia that’s very cool. I saw a 510 Wagon the other day. I’ve never been into vintage Japanese but the 510 is very cool. So is that M3…E46 is my favorite version; by far the most beautiful.

@Peaceandprosperity police in WA used to have nothing better to do but radar is but now there are hardly any police. I’m sure they’ll be out this weekend. My ValentineOne has saved my tail multiple times. :)

@adam Happy Birthday! Here’s to another trip around the sun! 🥂

@Peaceandprosperity the new Corvette is the first Corvette I’ve ever been truly interested in owning/driving. I’ve had some pretty spectacular speeding tickets in my time, LOL. When I was a teenager, I invested in an Escort radar detector. I didn’t get any first ticket until I was 20, fought that in court and won. Since then, many. 😁

@michaelhalbe very cool. The RS3 is probably the best looking small sedan ever created. They really nailed the proportions for a small car. If only BMW still knew how to do styling, the equivalent Audi would have competitors!

@michaelhalbe I’ve been a long-time Audi guy yet currently not an owner.

@bbwsr that’s cool, I come from a long line of car people that seems to be ended with my kids unfortunately. I blame their mother. 😏

Are there any No Agenda car enthusiasts? If so, make yourselves be known.

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