Can someone translate this into civilian because all these politicians make no sense…

Bill Maher returned to sanity over the last year or so, as we've heard on NA, and just did this brilliant piece on the WAPO kindergarten and the sick majority of Millenials. It's worth a viewing because it's very well written.

@theinfominister I'm actually pretty excited about this, LOL. Shut up, Beavis.

Here’s to the EU further stifling innovation under the guise of innovation. Stupidest idea since the cookie warnings that annoy us all.

Oh the irony: The unnamed man in his 20s was armed with a gun (ding ding ding) and a knife – he arrived in the area in a taxi but did not make it onto Kavanaugh's property. He told police he wanted to kill Kavanaugh, reportedly out of anger over recent mass shootings (ding ding ding).

That time when @adam put my then 3-year-old on the intro of NA #292.

All the very best snarkety snark snark ever from Tucker Carlson. A Turkish delight of authoritarian pundits who totally don't see who they are, what they're saying, and how they're actually coming across.

Tucker: This will happen unless conservatives get their act together

@chris I can’t stand Tucker but I agree with 98.7% of what he said in this segment. We’ve seen a lot of contradictions of thought over the last few years but Musk’s actions are causing all these imbalanced ultra libs to completely lose their minds; the same people who want the electric cars and solar panels to save the planet. I think this is the Crescendo of disaster for all the large amygdala equipped humans. Their heads will soon explode.

I don’t have any issues with the LGBTQIA2S+ (when did the “2” slip in there? @adam says “aa”) but I take issue with schools celebrating everything from every group. Soon, there will only be days to recognize & celebrate and no more education. Let’s stop celebrating anything at school, other than a kid’s birthday, and move focus on the kids. Forget all the agendas, forget Easter and all the other BS religious holidays. Everything is a distraction yet our kids can’t find Ukraine on a map!

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… To our LGBTQIA2S+ students, families, staff, and community, we see, value, and affirm you and are committed to continuing to advance justice in education.

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This was in my kid’s school district newsletter…
The National Day of Silence is today, April 22, to protest discriminatory and harmful treatment that LGBTQIA2S+ students experience in schools across the nation. This is a student-led demonstration that began in the 1990’s by two college students. On this day, thousands of students and staff who identify as LGBTQIA2S+ and allies are taking a vow of silence for the duration of the day if they participate in this protest. (Cont)

@MartinJJ I did use the browser on my iPad all the time to watch YouTube while running the ad blocker, effectively blocking the ads. Ultimate, though, I ended up buying premium because I like to watch YouTube on the large display, formerly known as a TV, in my living room. There are ways to hack up an ad blocker for YouTube at the network level with a PiHole but it’s rather complex and requires more time to maintain than paying the YouTube tax.

@chris too high of a percentage and it hurts my ears. It’s the original “t drop.”

@DarthRadar @adam That’s German and I experience that every day as a VW owner. 😏

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