Are there any No Agenda car enthusiasts? If so, make yourselves be known.

@paulsalzman Got a 20' Mustang GT and a 98' TJ jeep...Have owned a few vehicles in the past also. Cars are always a topic with my dad. It really is our common language.

@bbwsr that’s cool, I come from a long line of car people that seems to be ended with my kids unfortunately. I blame their mother. 😏

@paulsalzman That sucks. I don't know that I would count them out as there are many ways to have that itch. I mean my Dad was always a cash deal/trade guy and things like the stories of what the companies did and how/why things made an impact are sort of how we interacted. Modding and working the wrenches is another approach that you just have to find a reason to get hooked by. Oil changes, Brakes, Intakes...all good gateways.

@paulsalzman yes. I work on my own cars. I own nothing special. Last night I had a really weird dream of my first car, I drove it and it was cool. The internet and car forums are an incredible resource for maintaining and repairing vehicles and buying parts.

@paulsalzman Currently looking to sell my 2017 Mustang 6sp. Had it tuned and took it to the track a couple times. Not sure what I'll replace it with right now, maybe a boat instead of a car.

@paulsalzman I've dabbled in the past (1986-1992). It was fun. Learned allot. Engine swapped, transmission swapped, replaced brake lines that I formed myself. Fun times, fun times.

@michaelhalbe I’ve been a long-time Audi guy yet currently not an owner.

@michaelhalbe very cool. The RS3 is probably the best looking small sedan ever created. They really nailed the proportions for a small car. If only BMW still knew how to do styling, the equivalent Audi would have competitors!

@paulsalzman love cars, owned lots of fun to drive cars, but sadly have an SUV and Minivan now. Having had 7 speeding tickets in my first 6 or so years of driving, I've realized that I probably shouldn't own particularly fast cars. I'm 46 years old now and have only had 1 ticket since. But good lord I love cars! That new corvette is SO gorgeous!

@Peaceandprosperity the new Corvette is the first Corvette I’ve ever been truly interested in owning/driving. I’ve had some pretty spectacular speeding tickets in my time, LOL. When I was a teenager, I invested in an Escort radar detector. I didn’t get any first ticket until I was 20, fought that in court and won. Since then, many. 😁

@paulsalzman yeah, I think I had been pulled over about 20 times before my first ticket. The cops are trying to give a young person the benefit of the doubt, so they would let me off with a warning. I remember one night I was pulled over TWICE! But as soon as you get a ticket, then they know that you didn't learn your lesson and they start piling up. 🤣 WA state eventually threatened to take my license away, so I bought a Jeep CJ-5 to curb my speeding

@Peaceandprosperity police in WA used to have nothing better to do but radar is but now there are hardly any police. I’m sure they’ll be out this weekend. My ValentineOne has saved my tail multiple times. :)

@paulsalzman e46 m3 here. Also cheerleading my boyfriend as he gets his 1974 Datsun 510 going. We like to diy.

@HardCordelia that’s very cool. I saw a 510 Wagon the other day. I’ve never been into vintage Japanese but the 510 is very cool. So is that M3…E46 is my favorite version; by far the most beautiful.

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