Are there any No Agenda car enthusiasts? If so, make yourselves be known.

@paulsalzman Currently looking to sell my 2017 Mustang 6sp. Had it tuned and took it to the track a couple times. Not sure what I'll replace it with right now, maybe a boat instead of a car.

@paulsalzman I've dabbled in the past (1986-1992). It was fun. Learned allot. Engine swapped, transmission swapped, replaced brake lines that I formed myself. Fun times, fun times.

@michaelhalbe I’ve been a long-time Audi guy yet currently not an owner.

@michaelhalbe very cool. The RS3 is probably the best looking small sedan ever created. They really nailed the proportions for a small car. If only BMW still knew how to do styling, the equivalent Audi would have competitors!

@paulsalzman e46 m3 here. Also cheerleading my boyfriend as he gets his 1974 Datsun 510 going. We like to diy.

@HardCordelia that’s very cool. I saw a 510 Wagon the other day. I’ve never been into vintage Japanese but the 510 is very cool. So is that M3…E46 is my favorite version; by far the most beautiful.

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