Does anyone have the link to the listings of the noagenda businesses? It was discussed a few episodes ago. AdvThanksance.

I'm sort of disappointed that the Simpsons, Idiocracy, and the unibomber are the prophetic guides of our times.

An incredible interview from 1968, SIDNEY POITIER rips into journalists after only being asked questions surrounding race.

I've started a YouTube project to learn about how to publish on YT. Please like and subscribe if you want to help out.

Happy Birthday to THE 1! THE ONLY!!


Happy birthday, AC!!

You are far from old, ya WhipppperSnapper!

TYFYC! Slaves!!

Former Apple Engineer Pleads Guilty to Stealing Secrets & Giving to His Real Chinese Employer...

Former Apple employee Xiaolang Zhang today pleaded guilty to theft of trade secrets, which could get him up to ten years in prison, reports CNBC.

Zhang left Apple for Chinese startup XMotors...he had stolen sensitive Apple Car development data and hardware.


Love or hate Apple, some of these conspiracy theories about the Chinese are real.

Can someone translate this into civilian because all these politicians make no sense…

Bill Maher returned to sanity over the last year or so, as we've heard on NA, and just did this brilliant piece on the WAPO kindergarten and the sick majority of Millenials. It's worth a viewing because it's very well written.

Here’s to the EU further stifling innovation under the guise of innovation. Stupidest idea since the cookie warnings that annoy us all.

Oh the irony: The unnamed man in his 20s was armed with a gun (ding ding ding) and a knife – he arrived in the area in a taxi but did not make it onto Kavanaugh's property. He told police he wanted to kill Kavanaugh, reportedly out of anger over recent mass shootings (ding ding ding).

That time when @adam put my then 3-year-old on the intro of NA #292.

All the very best snarkety snark snark ever from Tucker Carlson. A Turkish delight of authoritarian pundits who totally don't see who they are, what they're saying, and how they're actually coming across.

Tucker: This will happen unless conservatives get their act together

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