I’m listening to Thursday’s show and making Mac n Cheese. Thought I would share.

Here’s the company managing the PAC and who registered it. Interesting company. redcurve.com

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I gotta admit, this is pretty good. How quickly the people and the media forgets. youtu.be/mpOnt1cByT4

By this logic, should we also hold Obama supporters "responsible" for his lies and actions that resulted in deaths of many innocent people through drone strikes and other actions eroding the constitution throughout his time as president? Or voters of Bush for him leading us into wars on lies and unleashing the state on the American people through the Patriot Act? She is pouring gas on the fire while being sold as a crusader for ending divisiveness.

Fascinating to look back and watch the differences in presentation, the thoughtfulness of the press’ questions, and the decorum of the candidates. youtube.com/watch?v=_8YxFc_1b_

@adam Did you get your PinePhone with the Manjaro convergence package?

While Costco’s original HQ was in Kirkland, the company’s HQ moved to Issaquah, WA in 1994. Their first store, pre Price merger, was opened in the City of Seattle in 1983. When @Johncdvorak says, “Kirkland, that’s where Costco is from,” he’s correct in the context of being founded there but not where they’re currently located.

This post by Glenn Greenwald describing his resignation from the media outlet he founded is quite telling, @Johncdvorak @adam greenwald.substack.com/p/my-re

This has probably been posted already somewhere here but does Tucker really want us to believe that some insider at FedEx located an envelope out of millions, stole the content, and left the envelope opened in the sorting facility? Nobody at Fox thought to shove these documents through a scanner and store them electronically? Or at the very least use a copy machine?? This is a crock of shit. I think their source turned out to be non-credible. video.foxnews.com/v/6205407990

Back in the day there were people who undoubtedly fit the label of “conspiracy theorist,” conjuring up iconoclastic discussion.

Today, everyone is seemingly a conspiracy theorist as long as their theory conforms to their political or idealogical leanings; facts unsubstantiated.

Looks like other people are seeing this trend with lower deaths with recent “waves” of COVID. Yet, you heard it on NA first! twitter.com/Birdyword/status/1

I watched the Beastie Boys Story (it’s really good) on AppleTV+ and ended up seeing this guy. Anyone know him? 😏

“Hot for the Teacher” is still one of my all time favorite songs. Eddie and Alex shred, and Dave’s classic Dave on this track.

Since listening to No Agenda from the absolute beginning, my amygdala must be smaller than all my friends and neighbors. Imagine being one of them right now? So tortured! They wouldn’t see all the lies and BS from both sides. Help save your neighbors and get them to listen to No Agenda!

Trump’s weekend antics reek of bullshit. He takes an extended weekend trip to the hospital, a few staged photos, lays off the spray tan, then comes out telling everyone COVID is no big deal. Where and how is Melania? Kayleigh is conveniently positive, too, so she can’t do any pressers. Completely staged to get sympathy from his base, and piss off the libs with his “irresponsibility.” And it’s pretty funny how many people are buying this hook, line, and sinker.

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