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When did you begin listening to No Agenda or Adam?

So another thing that's been bugging come no one mentions the fact that since you can't sue big pharma for vax injury that burden falls to the CDC? That means the CDC is inherently set up to defend and back big pharma regardless of safety or efficacy. Something to ponder...

Long time independent and commercial media producer, Amber MacKenzie interviewed Justin Trudeau yesterday. When you hear his position on how he can’t protect the people from misinformation it just reeks of the arrogance politicians who think the public is made up of all sheeple. Then again, maybe he’s right 😏

I see Uncle Leo has a Mastodon network now,

@adam Happy Birthday! Here’s to another trip around the sun! 🥂

Are there any No Agenda car enthusiasts? If so, make yourselves be known.

I just dropped another episode of my silly spoken word song lyrics podcast. Are you sure you knew the lyrics to “Like a Virgin?” Listen to find out in only 2-minutes.

Watch this video and you’ll clearly understand what they mean by “assassinating the media.” This post from a guy I follow from Israel on the IG. Clearly, Israelis are not hiding from bombs and locked down from COVID! @adam @Johncdvorak

San Francisco locals react to rampant shoplifting, break-ins | Fox News Digital Original - YouTube

I worked out today with my son, and that resulted me getting caught up on NA Show. In the Morning, indeed. New slogan, “Work out with No Agenda, in the morning or anytime; work out your amygdala and your body.”

@Johncdvorak Did I ever tell you about the time I asked Edward Snowden about his glasses? Are you buying it???? What a sentimental chap. Sorry in advance for the audio quality, it was not entirely planned out.

Episode 2 of my silly podcast has dropped. Episodes always under 3 minutes so have a quick listen!

If only interviewers were as tough on politicians as what’s her name was on Jeffrey Toobin. 😀

I decided to launch a comedic podcast where I deadpan or dramatically read the lyrics of songs. Check it out! Beware it’s explicit.

I just realized it’s live show time but I’m still 2 shows behind, so will have to listen in post.

Today’s Thoughtful Thought: I had a comment on Instagram removed because I referred to myself as an “ignorant American.”

How I long for the days when we had free speech, and a non-triggered public who embraced diversity of opinion. Now we limit diversity to race & sexual preference—why limit diversity? Seems counter to the very definition of the word.

@adam This may have been covered because I'm a couple episodes behind due to travel, but according to LaCroix's website:

"How is ‘LaCroix’ pronounced?

La-CROY. It rhymes with ‘enjoy’."

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