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This video outlines the new way to build embedded firmware that I’m publishing. If you want to reproduce the NA hotspot from source, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with this material:

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Those who are interested in testing the nahotspot might ask- how do I see if people are actually using my hotspot. Here are 5 ways to see what's up. 1/7

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If you have never heard Girl Talks’ All Day, you are in for a greasy treat. Kiss the next hour of your life away:

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I guess these claims that postmodernism is a replacement for religion have merit.

Douglas Murray makes some great points in this. He enumerates how all of the most caustic personality traits of the woke are essentially a permanent form of self harm.

I don’t think this is catastrophic, but it is interesting:
“ Amazon cancels or delays plans for at least 16 warehouses this year”

SASE is divorced from modern service development. The abstractions were written by people who work with people who talk about protocols. The end result is a cached CDN. Confused? That is by design.

People need to stop listening to Gartner.

I’m ok with a world where the media is entirely propaganda and your only hope for a skeptical take is YouTubers. The media is the room of the cathedral. F’ the people of the Potomac.

*strange squeak*

“Are you ok?”

“0ooh! I’ve been reading about the benefits of cold showers. I don’t think I’m cut out for them!”

“I’m sure that’s true.”

The game seems to be: antagonize the American public with back and forth contentious debates until we’re ready to remove the controls that limit technocrats. Fuck the people of the Potomac.

I turned an 18 page document into a 6 pager by slapping the word “appendix” at the top of the 7th page. 🧙

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@Schuldensuehner The peak of inflation is now. unemployment will increase. fed will step in. You cant tapper a ponzi.
Stack sats, stay humble, hodl.

Bad news, dems! The only way to undo the Supreme Court roe v wade ruling is by electing democrats to the house, senate and executive branches!

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