I find the "AI" upscaling and frame rate increased video to be much more impressive than the Deep Fake stuff.

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I appreciate your post, man. I myself love CSB, wouldn’t be the same without you on here @CSB -.. wait, are you the same person as Comic Strip Blogger? Can’t be 😉

My new favorite meme. Share it widely. Who knew "They Live" would turn out to be a documentary, not entertainment.

Kyle Rittenhouse Worked As Lifeguard In Kenosha On Day Of Shooting, Cleaned Vandalism At Local School After Work: Legal Team

Kyle Rittenhouse was working as a community lifeguard in Kenosha on the day of the shooting, went to clean vandalism off a public high school near the Kenosha County Courth


Just a thought about what we're being asked to believe:

ITM y'all! Life during the 'rona continues to be a super-buzzkill for me. Won't someone please reboot the matrix?! Let's just re-do 2020, mmm-kay?

Until then, here's the latest from the ANA Studios. Looking forward to tomorrow's show!

TYFYC! xoxo


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