We grow both Aronia (Viking Chokeberry) and Elderberry here on the farm. They taste horrible by themselves but when mixed with apple juice and sieved to remove tiny particles from the skins, it produces a taste like no other.

TurboTax no longer supports Windows 7. Now I have to install Windows 10 onto VirtualBox and waste my valuable Linux hard drive space on a virtual Windows 10 that takes up way more space than it needs just so I can use this tax software.

Their excuse? Windows 7 is no longer secure. Hate to break it to you but my Windows 7 has always been secure because it has never had online access!

Would like to say Hello fellow No Agenda listener to my neighbor in Effingham! The closest one yet.

Heard your location on the show and decided to give you a wave, 👋

I can reliably record NO Agenda on Sunday and Thursday but streamripper fails to trigger for Grumpy Old Bens on Friday. 3 Weeks in a row now it's failed.

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streamripper isn't working for noagendastream.com today.

"error -5 [Could not connect to the stream. Try checking that the stream is up
and that your proxy settings are correct.]"

Browser works, so not getting blocked. streamripper worked yesterday but not today.


"We oppose anyone and anything that supports Trump, the Realtor network, racists, fascists, or rent-seeking landlords. And please keep boycotting Home Depot!"

This explains why you only have 21 users.

As someone who has many fruit trees, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has been around for a long time and is considered a huge pest in fruit production. The first line of defense is to attack the eggs laid in early spring. Since California and Washington are high fruit production areas, they are raising awareness early in hopes of not having to spray as much by enlisting home owners to do some of the work for them.

Anyone have a Verizon dumb phone recommendation? We have texting and data blocked, so those don't matter. Just need something with a good battery life and you can actually hear someone on the other end of it. Our current phones have gone to shit, I think because they are dropping support for them on account of 5G. Thanks!

On Firefox, "In order to operate on this tab, NoScript needs to reload it. Proceed?"

I had to go into No Script settings and check "Disable restrictions globally (dangerous)" and then un-check it. This is not promising behavior for an add-on I have been using for so many years.

Hmm, maybe the 'like minded' part can be removed as everyone doesn't have to be on the same page in their thinking, which is the whole point in the fact that everyone can get along even if they don't agree.

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I took a stab at a No Agenda meetup definition.

"A social gathering of like minded free thinking people where everyone can participate in a friendly community without fear of prejudice."

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