On my way to the Dr. today, (through Effingham, as @darrenoneill made famous on the live stream) I saw a Trump flag flying and MANY Pritzker Sucks signs in peoples yards. The Dr. office is under heavy construction and the workers had to remember to put their mask back on when they knew someone in the office might see them. I saw no one with a mask on inside their cars.

I believe a lot of people would listen to No Agenda in our rural burg but don't know how to hit them all in the mouth at once.

I've always liked Mike Rowe.

I thought this interview was really interesting. I'm glad @adam mentioned it on the show.


I decided to visit eBay but when I looked at my NoScript it showed I had ebay-us.com blocked. Don't know when they added the ebay-us.com domain scripts but I recently made a purchase from eBay and it went through just fine. My advice, block ebay-us.com domain and stop those port scans, it's none of their business if I'm compromised. Maybe I want those viruses, did they ever think about my needs!?


Diving into this Living Beyond 120 podcast to see if these guys know anything.

On episode 35 they talk about sleep. One guy touts eating turkey which contains tryptophan. This is a myth and turkey has a very low amount anyways. You need a combo of carbohydrates and tryptophan. The Thanksgiving Myth: Overeating causes your body to trigger digestion and takes so much energy that it makes you tired.

I like the 'no devices' mantra but I'm skeptical about everything else.


Doctor Visit: Rona Report #1

First trip to the doc at the hospital. They had a box of masks at the door. Visitors had to go back and wait in the car. They took my temp with the gun and gave me a clear sticker to wear. Rode in the elevator with a couple other people, I attempted to get as close to them as possible to see what they would do. I couldn't understand what anyone was saying, especially the doc. Everything sounded like muffled mumbles. I have no idea what I said yes to at check in.

Leo and the gang are willing to sacrifice their identity and freedoms for safety.

They should have invited both @adam and @Johncdvorak for a more debate driven conversation on the future of our privacy post Covid-19.

Don't they understand a heated debate would have been much more entertaining content?


Summer Tanager and Bobolink.

The 2 most elusive birds that won't let me get close to them. The challenge is on, I have nothing but time on my hands!

I'm surprised they are not pushing the fake meat on us. Seems like a perfect time to get this junk onto the shelves with the meat shortage making it onto the main stream media. The fake meat people are either too stupid to realize they could capitalize on this, are so afraid to manufacture or they can't get their garbage ingredients from China.

They dropped the ball, they could have made a huge deal of this and got lots of media coverage. I for one am glad they didn't.

Good grief, every episode of Doctor Who is about how humanity sucks and how we're killing our planet.

I drifted away from Doctor Who a while back but this is a whole new level of ridiculousness.

Sharing a coupon code for BBQ sauce from a company I purchased from a while back.

"Look for sales all month, starting with a Fan Favorite - Buy One Get One 50% Off - valid on any Fat Boy Natural BBQ 4 oz rub and/or 12 oz sauce. Just use code BBQMONTH at checkout at BestNaturalBBQ.com. Hurry, offer ends today!"

Cleaning out the freezers to make room for the cow coming home from the butchers today.

Embarking on an adventure of 'what the hell is that' and 'when did we get this' while donning frozen numb fingers.

Not my best work. I blame laziness and the sunshine calling me outside.

Rona Report: April's Endgame Edition

My doctor called the other day and set up an appointment in the first week of May for an issue I was having at the beginning of this 'thing'. No mention of anything special I am required to do, so apparently it's back to business once April is over. I'm taking this as a sign that we just don't have many leftist SJW nutjobs here. Thank you small town USA!

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