Join us on our hunt for a shiny Palkia!!!!
Last week we didn't even get one chance to get the shiny lets see if we can turn this around...
Come hang out and have fun!!!!

@panda_monium Interestingly I managed to find season one with English dub, we just started episode 3 😁

Don't purge me, bro!

I had a life slump that resulted in me withdrawing from all things social (IRL and online). Life recovered but I foolishly didn't come back to the only soc-net that improved my health and well-being. Been lurking for two weeks and I was quickly reminded of how much I love this place.

Good morning Florence. Please leave my sister's house and Mom's apartment alone. Also that one doughnut shop I really like, and that one restaurant with the bangin cheesesteaks

Mom is safe (up North with me). Sister, bro-in-law, and niece have a hotel booked in Colombia (R.I.P. to the pet canary they are leaving behind though lol)

Goodnight, Florence.

My mild dyslexia must be getting worse. Every time I see a link from, my mind sees it as

Anyone else get a list of "suggested topics" in Chrome yesterday filled with Nike apparel suggestions? Should've taken a screenshot, but it was there.

So much for the algos. Google should know I'm an alt-right Nazi that only wears Japanese frilly dresses and hasn't bought sneakers in a decade.

so apparently a plane landed in nyc, an emirates flight, and dozens of people on board have over 100 degree (F) fevers, and cow bell isn't helping..


File this under Climategate. Here we see "tropical storm" Gordon alongside tropical storm Florence. NHC has a vested (read: monetary) interest in over-hyping tropical clouds, naming them, and using the highest wind speed aloft to report on wide-spread wind impact for the storm.

The ugly truth about violence against white farmers in South Africa

Warning: this shit is fucked up. Seriously fucked up. Not in a funny way either. Nothing to laugh at here. Click on something else if you want a laugh.

Or go ahead, read it. Hug your family and tell them how much you love them.

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