@adam @Johncdvorak for what its worth, I went through UK public health data releases this week. I took the active cases, hospital and deaths among fully vaccinated and data is pretty grim for any efficacy on the fully vaccinated ...

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@Sabex @adam @Johncdvorak Great, Interesting Article. Thanks!! That is extremely funny! We do not like what the Israel math tells, us ... among active cases, hospitalization, death, so lets change the math ... another thought, "vaccination" makes claim 95% efficacy, "not vaccinated" makes no claim on efficacy "0%", so I wonder if/how they could include that in their weighted averages ... and even if you prefer weighted averages, UK is using it and it looks terrible. I grab it

@optimus @adam @Johncdvorak just to be clear, I'm not siding with the article, just presenting the information

@optimus i beleive they were 10% moderna and the rest was split between pfizer and astra zeneca

@optimus i got a good cut a while ago, and refused tetanus because they could not offer me a pure tetanus shot and i was not town with the 'DPT' combo that also inocualtes against pertussis and diptheria

i demanded to see the info sheet ont he adverse effects, and a quick search on my phone was that the risk of lockjaw was less than the risk of vax side effects

@thisisthebreath @optimus As long as you have good blood flow through the wound, your risk of tetanus is practically nil. Tetanus cannot survive in an oxygenated environment, so blood neutralizes it.

@bekahs @thisisthebreath thanks for info ... I was in state of shock, when I got the 2" cut on my face, and I nearly passed out twice in ER ...It is really hard to think, much less research it, when brain was not functioning ... I will look into it more for future.

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