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Apple's new podcast app got you down? Try a podcasting 2.0 app today! l.curry.com/fqk

Setting up a pihole, forcing a social media block list on the guest network and watching everyone scratching their heads and actually talking to eachother face to face. :evil evil eviL!:

Torturous for them, funny to me, healthy for my LAN and its guests as well 🤣

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🤔 is this @ProfWorr or @yukiame

🎵 It's the eye of the cat, it's the thrill of the fight rising up to the challenge of our rivals and the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night and he is watching us all with the eye of the cat 🎶

@coldacid Nice.
What do you say @eriner. If we were to put together a couple of emojis, would you kindly add them to NAS?

@coldacid Amen to that.

You know, I see other masto-instances host their own emojis/gifts ala twitch. Perhaps that is something NAS supports‽

We could have a goat-scream, ITM, TYFYC, NA-bat-signal and of course, a most needed rimshot or cymbal.

An another one.

If you are a government contractor and you can't even keep your own house in order... . Why is facebook a thing still‽

Stolen Data of 533 Million Facebook Users Leaked Online


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Biden drew a dick on the hallway before getting stuck.

Business At The Capitol Grinds To A Halt After Biden Falls And Blocks Hallway

WASHINGTON D.C. - Disaster has struck Congress, as President Joe Biden has fallen sideways in the main Capitol hallway and become stuck, blocking all Congressional business. Congressional staffers heard Biden gibbering incoherently, so he seems fine other than the fact that he’s stuck.'Has he tried standing up?'...


Capitol Police say 1 officer killed, 1 injured when car rams barricade

U.S. Capitol Police say one officer was killed and one injured when they were rammed by a vehicle at a barricade on Capitol Hill. The suspect was shot and ki...


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Ride Valkyrie! But not ALL the way to the gates of Valhalla....

Not yet. There is much to do here still 🗡️🛡️

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you beautiful mofos.

Keep them hanging freely: your thoughts, your trophies and why not, even your goodybags.

May the 4 winds caress you and NA clean your earholes.

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@DCGirl @Bishop @SirSpencer @Laurien

Yes. I was childish enough to smirk when I found this character while trying Diablo III.

Perhaps even more childish for having an urge to share this.

Look at that mane 🤘

80's tv ads are still the best.

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