Animated No Agenda - Beware the LinkedIn Honeypot!

From Episode 1330 of the No Agenda Show with Adam Curry and John C Dvorak.


Mofos. Happy No Agenda day!

It is time to get your on.

Ride it.

Animated No Agenda - Like Throwing a Dart from DC to Dallas!

From Episode 1323 of the No Agenda Show with Adam Curry and John C Dvorak.Link to the report on the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade circa 1999: ht...



What a beautiful day. day kicking off with DJ @darrenoneill playing Taylor Swift live all up in your ear holes


1317: "Mustants"
Come on, man!

Perfect wrapping. From intro to outro.

The last End of Show Mix by MA - Thought Doc. OoofF! Respect. 👊

Can you see that juice?
I call... Bullcrap!

🤘 🎹 🎶



It is a fine day to be alive. It is a day. Second Thorsday to be exact.

Waiting for that time when Valkyries fly across the skies while the fat lady sings at the behest of the Podfather @adam


Re-listenig to 1310.
and I caught the part of the priest in the chamber saying:

"Amen and Awomen"

Really‽ Even going after phonetics.

Perhaps the way he/some pronounce "Amen" triggers these people whom now feel the urge to say Awomen right after‽

This is the first I hear this but something tells me Facebag and the like are packed with this BS.

No Agenda: 1310: "Quiet Riot" mp3s.nashownotes.com/NA-1310-2 [01:17:20]

Best Family Friendly Strip Club Podcast in the Universe.
We do it LIVE!

Proclaimed Essential All-Over planet Earth, specially in California.

Come for the moves and stay for the deconstruction.


As the saying from the days of yore goes:

> "In Vino veritas, in Aqua sanitas, in No Agenda parvis corpus amygdaloideum."

Thank the gods it is Second Thursday. It is day!

Oooh No Agenda day 🎶

I can feel it coming in the air In The Morning. It is day.

It is day.

I've had the chance of sliding by a couple of Las Vegas meetup pictures.

The head's on a stick are always stylish :D
Perhaps a recommended for-all-travels item for every NA citizen.


The alphabet is on fire 🔥

Let the fat bitch do her thang thing

Does your head feel heavier than it used to? Has your head gained 5,8,11 pounds?

These are symptoms of an unhealthy amygdala which can cause serious unbalanced emotion, poor memory management & careless decision-making.

Thankfully the experts at are here to help 1 healing session at a time with sound logic & media-deconstruction which has proven to be an effective desinflamatory.

Now twice a week. On the V4V model.

We do it LIVE! 🎙️🎛️

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