you beautiful mofos.

Keep them hanging freely: your thoughts, your trophies and why not, even your goodybags.

May the 4 winds caress you and NA clean your earholes.

Mofos. Happy No Agenda day!

It is time to get your on.

Ride it.

White Veganism.

Yes, that's right. I just have learned that such thing "exist"

The more stupid shit like this that I run into is yet another point in favor, on my book, for mandatory military service Or some kind of yearly summer camp in the forest, no modern electronics. I'm talking about shit in the woods and ration your water and paper type thing.


What a beautiful day. day kicking off with DJ @darrenoneill playing Taylor Swift live all up in your ear holes


Mofos, Super-Spreaders (oh my. licious) and dudes/dudettes all over gitmo nation.


It is a fine day to be alive. It is a day. Second Thorsday to be exact.

Waiting for that time when Valkyries fly across the skies while the fat lady sings at the behest of the Podfather @adam

Get your poll up!

Watch " - Get Your Pole Up and Don't Question the PHub Purge!" on YouTube

Best Family Friendly Strip Club Podcast in the Universe.
We do it LIVE!

Proclaimed Essential All-Over planet Earth, specially in California.

Come for the moves and stay for the deconstruction.

Happy "Get ready to go pull hair for comforters with a stuffed belly at the -circus- wal-mart" Thanksgiving day.

Remember kids, this is Thermopylae. With your shields or on them.

It is one thing hearing the man tell the story, another is seeing him being recognized by his peers.

I almost felt like I understood Dutch.

@adam Curry neemt zijn Marconi Oeuvre Award in ontvangst | Gouden RadioRing 2017

As the saying from the days of yore goes:

> "In Vino veritas, in Aqua sanitas, in No Agenda parvis corpus amygdaloideum."

Thank the gods it is Second Thursday. It is day!

Oooh No Agenda day 🎶

NAS and whoever see this.

Doing the work and upholding, you know, the thing and the othe.

Oh look at that, the sun.

It is day.

I've had the chance of sliding by a couple of Las Vegas meetup pictures.

The head's on a stick are always stylish :D
Perhaps a recommended for-all-travels item for every NA citizen.

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