> "Emotional Support Canadian"

I offert Emotional Support Burritos. Emotional Support Burritos are on standby.

I knew it. Same cause of death as Hector & Achilles himself.

ISRAEL: Working at an archaeological dig in the Valley of Elah, Bible experts have come up with an interesting theory concerning the death of Goliath, hulking giant of the Philistines who fought David in one-on-one combat.Though he did have severe head trauma and neck problems, his death is now being counted as a COVID-19 death.

Bible Experts Determine Goliath Died Of COVID-19 | The Babylon Bee – babylonbee.com/news/bible-expe

I just got done watching Trumps legal team press conference and while we here at NA already knew all that was said, I must say: The Realitè Show is getting betta' and betta'

I like Jenna Ellis. She got the "I'll fuck you up 3 different ways from sunday and leave you naked in a desert somewhere in the world" vibe.

I like that. (Garth Brooks voice)


My view of Sol doing the thing while telling myself: "Self, what a fucking amazing time to be alive"

Blessins to all you NA mofos. All of you are the "John Connor" that will bring down "Skynet"

@adam This dude is doing the work by going over the voting data.
There is definitely something to see here.

- The Donald - America First – thedonald.win/p/11Q8O2wesk/hap


Thank you, New York Times, for your best piece of real news in years! On Tuesday we published our report on the widespread election night theft of votes from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. We obtained an unaudited analysis of data available for all the states looking for system glitches and other oddities in…

SPECIAL THANKS to The New York Times for Accidentally Providing the Data that Will Bring Down Biden and CRACK THE BIGGEST VOTE FRAUD IN HISTORY – thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/s


What does it have to do with anything gaming.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some games gone all SJW and released add-ons for all the groups and sub-groups and sub-sub-sub-group, etc... that are out there.


I don't know how the update process for these "Dominion" voting machines is (physical access or over the internet). I need to reserch these machines.

> ...the **log files for the poll books** show that the last update to them before the election had been made on Oct. 31

- As in physical books?
- What about the machines' log?
- What about at location security cameras?


Thank the gods it is Second Thursday. It is day!

Oooh No Agenda day 🎢

Look at this beauty. This is the second time I run into this beast , at least I think it is the same. It surprised me while I was running. The iguana just ran right into the path then it slowly walked its ass into the other side and ultimately into the lake.

These mofos are screaming
"No Borders, no Walls, no USA at all"

Do these waste of air, space sacks of bones, blood and shit, truly know what they are asking for.

2020. What a time to be alive.


Video source:

You know shit is serious when the dead didn't go back to their graves after partying on Halloween and stayed around to vote on Nov 3rd.

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