> "Emotional Support Canadian"

I offert Emotional Support Burritos. Emotional Support Burritos are on standby.

Do you know where that motion comes from? @one

donkeys don't have the reputation for being stubborn for nothing

like an obstinate cow, twist their tail and they'll move along

Now, THIS guy is just making fun of the old way you had to start a tractor or, say, Model T car.

You'd insert a crank up front... no electric starters in those days! It often took several tries... and could be DANGEROUS.

Many old silent comedy films would have a bit about starting the car, for example.

I do not know the original source for donkey gif.

Haha yeah. I remember watching a video with a man cranking his car to get it started but by the time he got to the wheel the car would stop. He had to do it a couple of times before being successful.

I thought the dude with the donkey was making fun of the old cars and how you had to crank them but little did I know that twisting the tail of a stubborn donkey or cow would get them to move. Look at that 😅

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