I just got done watching Trumps legal team press conference and while we here at NA already knew all that was said, I must say: The Realitè Show is getting betta' and betta'

I like Jenna Ellis. She got the "I'll fuck you up 3 different ways from sunday and leave you naked in a desert somewhere in the world" vibe.

I like that. (Garth Brooks voice)

@one an hour and two minutes in - Is Giuliani bleeding from both temples?

@one Ah, please disregard - I think this is what people were referring to earlier about hair dye... oi.


Oops too late lol. Still, I wouldn't expect Giuliani to be using a dollar store hair dye solution. Unless it was a last minute thing.

Haha yeah. When I first noticed it I though that perhaps he was bleeding.

I think he used one of those hair dye crayons on his hair but the sweat got the best of it.

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