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"When the bear started to fuck around with her kayak, I thought the video was going to end badly. "

End badly with a rimfire round in the bear's skull?


"crímenes contra la humanidad - en español"
Because youtube deleted the english titled "crimes against humanity" so he made the title and subtitles spanish.

Replacing all "hello world!" suggestions with "cowabunga!" in my dev tutorials.

I received this from a publisher I used to write for. It's a link to two videos about a World-wide production and distribution operation, .
This is worth downloading for safe keeping.

these posters are apparently showing up all over Orange County

@m00se Greedy leftist Racist bitch, its a BLM Bear. Share the Kayak

> Kali Ma. Shakti de!

Remake of I.J.'s Temple of Doom by Antifa 2020 Boston Massachusetts

Source – mobile.twitter.com/realAlTheGr


@mrmcmayhem @black6 look, for me the bottom line is this: swinger parties are still greenlit where you can go tongue strangers in the ass if you so desire, but you can't go sing at church...

The Wolf is very disappointed in the society of men, and is seeking retreat deep innawoods as soon as fucking possible.

Making me a chicken sandwich is not a biohazard. Stop pretending that making me a chicken sandwich is a biohazard.

Repeat for entering a building.

Repeat for attending a gathering of *any* size.

Repeat for hanging out at a bar.

Repeat for baseline existence.

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