If there are all these “slam dunk” crimes against Trump, then why has he not been charged with any of these slam dunks?

@Effortless every time I see “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” I think of Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

@Cosmic @CSB @Kennyben if we weren’t meant to eat meat, god wouldn’t have made it so tasty.

If I asked you, “Hey, could you turn up the air conditioning” what are you going to do?

Remember in November! (The left is counting on you forgetting)

@Kennyben @CSB actually, dogs can survive without meat, but they need to be fed a properly balanced vegetarian diet to do so. Cats on the other hand are obligate carnivores which means s they MUST have meat in their diet to survive.

@Kennyben I hope you made sit there until he finished every last one of them!

The ghouls are starting to get things ready, because in just 73 days they’ll be tearing it up. Why? Well because it’ll be Halloween, of course!

@Dangerous_Clams it is. There was an Orthodox Jewish lady at our table who had the exact opposite experience. There was one class that they only offered on Sat. Mornings. Obviously, that’s their sabbath, and when she told them she couldn’t do that because of her religion, their response was “well I don’t know what to tell you” and recommended she drop out of the program. It was only when she threatened to sue the shit out of them that they worked something out.

…in her life and she wanted to drop out several times. She goes on to never really say what those problems were specifically, but did mention domestic violence, a divorce, and juggling her kids. Knowing the shit-show my daughter had to go thru, I asked if they would have jumped thru hoops for her, and was told “oh no, no f-ing way. Because she was white and from the burbs.”

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Quick story. Last night at the daughter’s pinning ceremony, the asst. Dean had one of the students come up to address the gathering. Her name was O.G. (What they called her because she was African and no one could pronounce her full name, so they used the first two letters of her name instead). She proceeded to thank all the staff and administrators for helping her graduate, and being flexible for her, essentially acting as mentors for her because she had lots of personal drama going on…

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