you need more coffee... @obihahn

... if this didn't play in your head when you read the post.

@obihahn @CSB

Oh I forgot the filing cabinet bot. I remember nothing about the plot of that episode other than maybe filing cabinet bot and maid bot having some form of rivalry

@CSB @Cosmic Henry(?) the building handyman built the filing cabinet robot (I don’t remember it’s name but for some reason Mac sticks in my head) to help him reduce his workload. Work smarter not harder, you know. Rosey and the other robot fall in love.

@obihahn @CSB

(The Jetsons was fun but I think Flintstones was a more memorable TV show. ‘Member The Great Gazoo? I ‘member)

@sirphenom come to think of it, I don’t think they ever did an episode with grandpa Jetson… so the verdict is…

@obihahn so hey, why didn't you or @Droopinheimer tell me they freaking tore out and are rebuilding I-41 around Mayfair Mall? Must have just been done this week as I went thru last week... it was a clusterfuck and I ain't going anywhere near there for a while

@sirphenom @Droopinheimer no, they’ve been doing it for a while. It was actually closed (or at least was supposed to be closed) all weekend last week. Although, now that I think about it, with the weather etc. that rolled thru last weekend, I bet the postponed it until this weekend.

@obihahn ok good to know.

So we’ll have to check traffic when this Safe House meetup happens


@sirphenom @Droopinheimer thank Tony Evers. He was supposed to get all this fixed (a campaign promise for ‘18) because Scott Walker made a mess of the roads, remember? 😂

@obihahn Maybe if Evers wasn’t pardoning everyone he would have time to do his job? 🤔


@Droopinheimer @sirphenom he runs the DOT with the same ruthless efficiency of the Wisconsin Public School system. 😂

@sirphenom @obihahn I rarely venture that far north hahah. Plus I have been OTG hanging in FL only recently returning to cheeseland.

@Droopinheimer You were in FLA too!

I was surprised I didn't see many DeSantis signs, but maybe it was because I was more Orlando centric


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