Watching the news this AM and some guy is interviewing younger people on the streets asking if they know the significance of Memorial Day. One college aged guy says he never hated the US until he took a women’s and gender studies class and finishes it up by saying Fuck America. 😬

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I’d say our education system has failed, but that is exactly the point of a “Women’s & Gender Studies” class. Brainwash the gullible into hating their existence and promoting a Marxist revolution. This is what your child’s tuition goes to pay for, and why colleges require at least one of these classes to graduate, because otherwise no one would ever take that shit.

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@obihahn it has not failed. it is doing what it was designed to do, just a better job of it as of late, unfortunately.

@obihahn Thank you for sharing. I totally misinterpreted your initial post. I thought it was along the lines of he hated Gender & Women's Studies so much that he said "Fuck America".
I will be discussing this on the next episode of my podcast, and I'll give you credit for sharing.

@obihahn If you find a link to that video, please post it up; that's an evergreen. My friends are sick to death of me telling them the educational system is the biggest threat to America, but I never get tired of it.

@CaptLuke it’s on both the FNC daily videos and Campus Reform. I’ll find the link later when I get home and can search for it. 👍🏼

@CaptLuke here is a link to the story on Campus Reform. Wait til the end to see noodle boy tell the US to fuck off.

@obihahn I'm surprised that shit gets actually done - i.e. bridges don't fall down all the time. Then, there's Cuomo bridge. I studied electrical engineering in the Soviet Union. We actually had to use these.

There were only two ideological courses. History of the communist party and sociology. If you did well in real technology, nobody really cared if you even showed up.

@obihahn @BrewCityMike sweet! Makes me wish I would have put all the details in with the link before I posted that.

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