Big ups for Rick Esenberg, who was on Tucker tonight, fighting for the farmer from Chilton. Rick is also the one responsible for bringing the suit against Tony Evers that ended WI’s mask mandate. The guy is a great legal mind, a fighter for liberty, and a proud alumni of Marquette U!

Which is the better musical decade? Feel free to go off the board if you don’t like the 40 year span below.

I just took the free six month trial of Discovery+ thru my cell service. Are there any decent shows to actually watch?

@obihahn Just think of all the music we never get to hear because he passed away way before he should have.

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OTD 9 years ago, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch lost his battle with cancer. I am sure I wouldn’t agree with him politically, I loved his music. RIP MCA!

@obihahn also note... this clown will mask up outside when he is 30 feet away from anyone, but indoors, next to two people who are nearly 100, he doesn’t put one on. This should also tell you something.

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This photo was tweeted out by the Carter Center. The perspective in this photo makes the Biden’s look like giants. It’s very weird, and means something, I’m just not quite sure what.

I’m on episode 1342 listening to the clip of Fauci on the Robin Roberts podcast talking about the boost you get from the vaccine... notice that Fauci only says the boost from the MRNA vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna... no mention of the J&J jab. Wonder why???? Hmmmmmm....

ITM! Happy Monday. Started off the day with this in the feeders. It’s going to be a good day!

Wow, saw a clip of Hillary this morning and i have to say, she really needs to hit the treadmill or stair master.

@obihahn he then walks over to me, shakes my hand, and says “have a great Sunday”

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