Boots on the ground fuel report this morning from Menomonee Falls, WI. Just cost me more than $40 to fill up my tank. That hasn’t happened since Barry was in the White House, so this really is a return to the Obama years.

This just popped into my mind… has Joe Biden ever released his tax returns? With all the Pearl clutching about Trump’s taxes for four years, and evidence of Hunter laundering money and sharing accounts with Sleepy Joe, I want to know if he paid tax on all the cash.

He just "favorited" my call-out to collaborate with other NA Social members to make a comedy sketch old style radio thing.

It takes little to make me happy sometimes.

People are scared of nuclear power based on accidents 40 years ago. We have come a long way with reactor design and technology. We should be looking at implementing the next generation of nuclear power plants if we really want efficient and clean energy.

Just hearing Mayor Pete makes me mad. He has this cadence or tone of voice, something… but when i hear him talk it’s like he is talking down to you, no matter what he says.

They are sowing the seeds already, more than a year out, explaining that America doesn’t hate Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, AOC, et. al… it’s all because the right cheats.

MSNBC contributor: Republicans are 'going to cheat' to win 2022 midterm elections

We are going to be promoting some goofball tranny to a 4-star admiral while he sent thousands of Pennsylvania seniors to their deaths by filling nursing homes with the Wuhan virus, all while he pulled his own mother out of one.

People getting on Pete Buttigieg for being MIA for the last two months while the supply chain crisis kept getting worse are making a huge assumption… that if he were around, that he would make things better.

With so many Biden problems (inflation, supply chain, energy, Afghanistan, Wuhan virus, POS son…) the regime needed a distraction, ergo the FBI raid on Russian Oleg Deripaska this morning.

New Quinnipiac poll:
Do you approve/disapprove of Biden?

Overall: 37/52
GOP: 3/95
Dem: 80/11
Indie: 28/56
Men: 30/58
Women: 43/45
White w/ degree: 50/46
White w/o degree: 25/65
White: 33/59
Black: 65/22
Hispanic: 33/51

So I guess we blame the mess the country is in on the blacks and white college women?

This is how to steal an election folks, not by manufacturing ballots or manipulating voting machines. Do it in plain sight.

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Reminder… Stacey Abrams has still not conceded the 2018 GA gubernatorial election.

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