I’d be open to changing voting laws if the Democrats EVER came out with one person that was prevented from voting. They can’t do it. They just want the laws changed to make it easier for them to cheat.

Who does Tucker’s hair? And why do they let him go on camera with it looking am that way?

How are Sleepy Joe’s five mandates holding up? Here is a current status:

CMS: in effect
OSHA: stayed by SCOTUS
Contractor: stayed nationally in Georgia case
Federal employee: stayed nationally in Texas case
Military: in effect, but by court order must accept religious exemptions

I am currently finishing up episode 1416 … JCD had a perfect iso to start the show. Instead of the “Boss car their dude…”, I would have selected “Thank you taxpayers for my butt-lift”

The hosts on The Five yesterday played a montage of liberal hosts/experts panning Joe Biden’s speech/presser on Wed.

I told the wife, it’s because they’re all mad at him. Not because he is fucking up the country, but because he can’t get their commie pipe dreams rammed thru (like Obama) and he is making them all look ridiculous/humiliating the left such that they are going to be crushed for the next decade, and no one is going to take anything they say seriously.

I saw someone saying they were so sad to hear of Meat Loaf’s passing… he was a great human being with a huge heart.

Sounds like he had taken the vax.

BEAT LOAF Meat Loaf ‘grabbed Prince Andrew’ raging ‘I don’t give a s**t who you are’ as Duke thought he was ‘flirting with Fergie’


NPR doing the legalese dispute of the denial of the statements and the original story. Take note journalism students, word your story so that it is false enough that the disputes from the parties involved don’t SPECIFICALLY refute the original reporting.

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