@obihahn today I had a meeting with one of these co-workers. She is a total maskie when she’s here so I am happy to do the video call with her over Teams. However, since she was home she was wearing a BLM fist t-shirt, which I find extremely offensive. Am I wishing my rights to complain to the HR dept.? My contention is if you wouldn’t wear it to work, you shouldn’t wear it at home during work hours, or at least don’t turn on the video. Am I being a snowflake about this?

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So here’s the whole load... my employer has mandated we wear face coverings at work when around others, however they are supposed to be plain, no political statements, scary faces, offensive images, etc. also, there are several people who work from home either until the Wuhan scare is over, or part time due to childcare issues because of the Wuhan scare....

Today is SNL alum Gary Kroeger’s birthday. I always remember his Ira Peterman video dating profile sketch, and think that what they did in that sketch is the norm now on TikTok. It’s amazing to me what was humor 30 years ago has made its way into normal, everyday life now.

What’s going on with the Atilis Gym in NJ? I haven’t seen any reports on them in some time.

Does the released body cam footage from the Daunte Wright traffic stop back up the claim the officer thought she was tasing him and grabbed her firearm by mistake? I’m thinking yes, and trying to figure out how it could be anything but a tragic mistake.

Amazing how the guy that attacked to US Captiol a couple of weeks ago just faded away, isn’t it?

About 75 years ago, Herman Göring, testified at the Court in Nürnberg, was asked:

- How did you get the German people to accept all this?

He replied:

- ′′ It was very simple, it has nothing to do with Nazism, it has something to do with Humans. You can do it in a Nazi, socialist, communist regime, in a monarchy and even in a democracy. The only thing that needs to be done to enslave people is to scare them. If you manage to find a way to scare people, you can make them do what you want."

I’m seeing all sorts of tweets and comments from people saying that Daunte Wright was pulled over for an air freshener, which just tells me that he 100% wasn’t pulled over for his air freshener

The three players on tonight’s Jeopardy are all annoying AF!

On this day in history.... 40 years ago on 4/12/81, NASA launched Columbia.

Latest on the black swallowtail butterfly... one of the cats is very curious.

The pictures from the “reception centers” look like an oven full of baked potatoes.

Aubrey Huff is a bit of a douche as a person, but I would hope this is true. Nothing is going to change until some of these guys take a stand.


Do we have a list of cities that you shouldn’t go to if you prefer not to be involved in peaceful protests?

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