NA live Damn that guy has the most annoying voice ever.

@adam @Johncdvorak Syme is pronounced "S-ai-m". But it's just a nick, so slaughter it however you like 😄

Wokeness = depopulation?

"The modern man [...] is likely to be a male feminist. He'll think and say exactly what the regime expects him to. Certainly no alpha, certainly no patriarch. Certainly not a man that women want to fuck."

The AI artwork experiment failed. Or it didn’t - depending how you look at it.

Back to doing it myself next time.

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All my art for todays show was generated by DALL•E ( Let’s see how this experiment turns out.

Today I'm gonna use AI to create showart. Let's see if it can beat a human artist 😄

I thought I had a somwhat original idea with "bug burger" before listening to last sunday's show, so I went ahead and made showart about it. What are the odds JCD mentioning McDonalds. Damnit.

If I want to fly, I buy his carbon allowances from someone who is not going to fly (because he has no money to do so) and he gets a little more money as a result. That way people with small wallets can also earn something from going green.

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