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@DogArtFilms thanks for asking!
- network security
- endpoint security
- systems architecture
- linux
- complex client situations
- troubleshooting
- business development
- sales

and…. soon to have experience with the controlled closure of a successful business.


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NAS fam…. recently my company was purchased by another…. while i will be going to the new one, it won’t be forever!

so, here i am on the hunt for a new project.

I’m not looking for a “job”, rather i’m looking for a group of people that are trying to do something cool, and could use a savvy businessman with strong “dude named ben” skills.

if you are working hard to build something and running on a tight budget… my price is going to be right up your alley 🤑


Never trust any device that you can't take apart and put back together. That goes double for any device with non-removable batteries.

Invest in portable Faraday cages you can put your phones and tablets into.

NAS fam, looking for someone to help me turn some drawings/pictures into something that could be animated.

can anyone out there give me some tips?



A big shout out to the maker of flip flops for proving that I can do the splits in the rain in a crowded parking lot.

When the going got tough, the tough-talking but soft-handed men failed. God bless the truckers.

"History is happening right now. Make no mistake."


Facebook Just DELETED AND BANNED US Trucker Freedom Convoy To DC, Elites Are Panicking HONK HONK

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