i have no context for this... actual school work? idk

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@nostradamust "Instructional Fair TS Denison" appears to be a company that provides educational materials, but if this is the dreck being fed to your kids, pull them out of that school immediately.

The first paragraph says nothing. The second one lost me at "living document", which is a dog whistle meaning "I don't like what the Constitution says so I think that it should be 'reinterpreted' to mean something else.

@nostradamust But the real gem is the third paragraph, which is straight up fabrication out of some gun-grabber's fever dream. The 14th amendment applies the Bill of Rights to all state and local governments, most recently reaffirmed by SC in McDonald v. Chicago 2010. And the argument that "iT OnlY aPpLiEs tO mILiTiA!" was put to rest in DC v. Heller 2008.

@nostradamust it’s not the commies who are after the guns. If I remember my history the communists really, really detest disarming the proletariat. OP needs a history lesson, but I like the key words being “not” and “infringed” 😁
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