$6.2 QUADRILLION in reparations... sounds reasonable

Mayors back reparations that could cost $6.2 quadrillion, or $151M per descendant

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@nostradamust Said Mayors clearly must be exterminated.

Complete & utter insanity.

@nostradamust I wonder (((Who))) is behind that number.
FYI their commission is the $6 Quadrillion the .2 is for BLM.

@nostradamust @BlueDouche I'm half Chinese & half Korean, where's my reparations for the Internment camps & the building of the railroads?!? I wanna ride the Zephyr!

@teslanaut @TDBARAN @nostradamust

NA Tribe is the best.

Tganjs, gents; see you in tge TrollRoom at tomorrow's show.

The only intelligent convos possible anymore... well, almost.

@nostradamust Here's a thought: what if those mayors had to pay for slavery by taking that many lashes?

@nostradamust it will be like share crop farming all over once the tax bill is applied

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