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I saw a gang of antifa in Boston last night. They looked like fat 6th graders with duct tape red crosses on their black bloc cosplay outfits.

What if the accusations of Trump never leaving office was a distraction from the real agenda?

Suppose you are a douchebag globalist. What better way to gain control of the United States by causing enough election chaos such that the United States couldn't even determine a winner in their own election? Who would be left to step in?

Why, the UN of course!

You know shit is serious when the dead didn't go back to their graves after partying on Halloween and stayed around to vote on Nov 3rd.

I'm very disappointed in the GOP. Where the fuck are our bags of ballots? We knew they were going to do exactly this, so why aren't we just doing the same thing?
I want my Bags O' Trump! NOW!

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