@mitch I didn’t get a notification for NA going live and it’s not live in Podverse either.

Curiocaster has it and i got the notification for the rock and roll preshow this morning.

@ChadF hmm...I can see in our Podping listener that we received the "going live" Podping for No Agenda this morning, but for some reason our feed parser did not detect the new live item...

I just sent another Podping going live for NA, and it worked (our parsers found the liveItem).

I'm not sure if this issue is something Podverse can control, or if it was another caching/cdn issue where our parser retrieved an out of date/cached version after the Podping.

cc @adam @dave

@ChadF @adam @dave I wonder if we can "force refresh" a feed like No Agenda's RSS by appending a URL param to the end of our parser's GET request? Like instead of requesting:


What if we take the current epoch time and pass it in like:


I know a different URL parameter will do a "cache bust" for some server setups, but I have no idea if it will make a difference with NA's feed.

@mitch @adam @dave I also just got these. I’ve gotten several for Brian’s feed and ANA this morning.

@ChadF ok I'm going to CC people with questions separately for this...


There *seems* to be a bug in Podverse side that caused multiple Animated No Agenda notifications to be sent over a few hours this morning.

@jennifer did you publish the RSS this morning? And did you by chance update and republish it multiple times?

You may not have, but I'm curious if you did because it would help narrow down the problem.

@mitch @ChadF

Yikes - I did not (wouldn't know how tbh). I did log into my NATube account this morning though.

I saw a message from a different NATube user that their channel was suddenly missing a lot of videos, so I logged in to see if I still had all of mine. They were all there, so I didn't take any action besides logging in.

May be pure coincidence, but that is the only thing I personally did.


@jennifer @mitch @ChadF

Sorry for all the noise, finally getting around to some long-overdue upgrades.

There will be another change probably this week that will kick off more notifications as we migrate RSS feeds to remove some of the old video formats.

(P.S. no one messaged me but no videos are gone, they are just hidden/unpublished until they get migrated. We're nearly half way done migrating 1700+ videos)

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I don't remember who posted that message. . .it was on NASocial and I just happened to see it. Nothing was amiss with my channel so I didn't register it.

THANK YOU for all you are doing for NATube!

I have a new ANA in the works for this week (finally). Looking forward to my "upgraded experience." ;)


No problem. Make sure to update your channel + user avatars for better quality. I think the file size/resolution has increased since you submitted yours.

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