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Want to follow videos from NATube on from Mastodon? Click the arrow next to the subscribe button, enter your mastodon user, and click "Remote subscribe."

This will take you to your federated account to follow, and allow you to see these videos on your home timeline.

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If you'd like to support NATube, we'd certainly appreciate any contributions to continue to run the service on behalf of the community.

musiccasting - Onboarding musicians to Podcasting 2.0 and Value for Value

In case anyone reads this, please wait at least 15 minutes for the change to appear in your RSS feed due to caching.

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NATube now has an option to allow your email address to be displayed in RSS feeds. This is important for those who want to "claim" their feeds in external services like Podcaster Wallet.

As we value user's privacy, this is an opt-in feature found on in the "email" section in the "My account" page.

Would you like to see automatically generated transcripts on NATube?

We've also enabled live chat rooms for live streams as an experiment. This is currently on the web page only.

Check out an example here

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🚨 We will be performing ongoing maintenance over the weekend as we do a series of upgrades to new versions. Expect instability. 🚨

ITM y'all! Just in time for the big Hill Country meetup. . .the 99th episode of Animated No Agenda. OK, well, if we're being technical, it's #101, but 2 were remastsers and we're doing because the Art Director lost the plot and forgot to order up the requisite cake for the 100th. So all that glory will be for the next one.

Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight!

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 51: Preserve, Protect and Extend -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments at as Boostagram week is upon us and we're on the precipice of Phase 4 of the podcast namespace. Boost!!!

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 41: We are the Super Spreaders -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with a recap of Bitcoin2021 and important Hot namespace Talk

You degenerates have managed to upload 1000 videos to NATube!

Podcasting 2.0 for May 14th 2021 Episode 37: What's Up Doc? -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with Alecks from NA-Tube and Martin from Podfriend and we've got video on the agenda!

Any artists out there interested in contributing a logo for NATube?

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