@noagendashowvideo thank you and mad respect. Now I can go back to playing worthless mobile games of some sort, ripping bowls and other idle degeneracy 💜

@SirSpencer @noagendashowvideo i dont know what any of this means but Jeff the has big love for your temperament and brain and Spence you're one half of the sexiest couple on here so whatever it is


@GWFF @noagendashowvideo from day one it has been NOTHING BUT LOVE!!! and anything that appears otherwise is either humor, jest, misunderstanding or just me being retarded.


@SirSpencer @noagendashowvideo well looking forward to... 1) tonights medibles kicking in 2) dimench straddler missus goes to Bedfordshire 3) I jump into & 4) the gets brought upto speed reguarding DRAAAAMMMMAA

@SirSpencer @noagendashowvideo close enough but no... The is the Kingdom of Kent. If i refer to your it is the King of Kent i am talking about.

@GWFF ah, thank you for this knowledge and hail to the , Your Highness @noagendashowvideo

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