@dave just curious.. do you have a sense if there are video podcasts in the index?

So you know the CDC error on Monday? Does that mean they're going to publish that news on Friday?

@jeremiah @Beachbunny

This is one of my fav youtube vids. Really good.

> Michael Crichton | States of Fear: Science or Politics?


For the record... Apple has the absolute worst technical support. If the problem isn't user error, they have absolutely no idea what causes it. They just told me to replace my battery as if that has anything to do with the issue.


I just finished watching Social Dilemma. The first half was good. The second half was laughable

They start off saying "we know social media is bad for people" and end up saying "so let's making it better by demanding it change".

Fucking alcoholics like Ted said. They want to still be able to drink, but without getting drunk.

Love the shoutout and review from Adam & Dave about my Podcast Index bot on their second episode!

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