Wish I would have kept up with all the Moe Factz episodes... now I have to go back to learn about White Fragility before I can listen to the latest ep.


US10144532B2 - Craft using an inertial mass reduction device - Google Patents


Coronavirus COVID-19 current stats for Sat Jun 06 2020

Cases: 6,884,943 -19%
Deaths: 399,001 -28%
Recovered: 3,375,437 -386%

United States 綾
Cases: 1,967,273 17%
Deaths: 111,408 -11%
Recovered: 738,729 17%

Growing Concern Over Spread Of Coronavirus Among George Floyd Protesters | NBC Nightly News - YouTube


Coronavirus COVID-19 current stats for Fri Jun 05 2020

Cases: 6,737,606 -5%
Deaths: 393,775 -9%
Recovered: 3,273,795 -14%

United States 綾
Cases: 1,925,267 7%
Deaths: 110,218 4%
Recovered: 712,436 -63%

I sense a super-cut 儭 needs to be made showing governors responding to the stay at home protests from a few weeks ago vs the "peaceful" protests this week

Social distancing saves lives dammit!!!!!


OH NO! The Lancet has admitted that it was snookered. As far as I am concerned all its content is suspect now. The article was only paced for political purposes.

This what happens when the "woke" young editors enter the building. In my day you would be fired for this gaffe. twitter.com/TheLancet/status/1

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