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Comirnaty approval letter includes note that they have to do a study ending in 2025, and from the insert, affirms the increased risk for myocarditis and pericarditis.

This is good enough reason to reject mandates.

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Any NA producers in Charleston SC early for the meet up tomorrow and want to grab a bite to to eat within the next 3 hours? Hit me up!

@admin i suspect the branding team are tards and retards.

at random times during the day I just yell out loud ALEXA SPOT PRICE OF GOLD

@Bunny @cuntdestroyer @MechaSilvio in the world of āš°ļø crypto this isnā€™t considered getting screwed or a bug, but a feature.


Fritz talks about:

- Alters
- Disney
- Reptiles
- Mk Ultra
- Illuminati
- Assassins
- Adrenochrome
- Trauma based mind control

@PG_Kelly I was just watching this classic

> Fritz Springmeier: The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines and their mind control. Lecture from 1996.

@noagendashowvideo I would've expected them to hide the fact le jab failed them

All these jab-tards tweeting about having coovid is turning me into a conspiracy theorist.

Either they're all just testing themselves every day, or something is going on.

Like I was reading Bill G's tweet yesterday. When you have "mild symptoms", why do you need to tell the whole world about it?

Nick the Rat - 333 - Tom Starkweather Interview


A paranoid cartoon rat plays music and discusses conspiracies. Also takes calls : 1-917-719-5923 All content is Attribution 3.0 ...

šŸ Iconographie ornithologique
Paris: Chez Friedrich Klincksieck [etc., etc.], 1849 [i.e. 1845-1849]

Ladies and Germs, I've finally scored an OG 1991 copy of Behold a Pale Horse.


"Saved or created" lol, nailed it. Cannot believe what these people have done, and the massive lie they perpetuated.

Maybe Iā€™m sticking my head in the sand but the best thing I can say about twitter is Iā€™m glad I deleted my account a few months back. It was and remains the .

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