@noagendashownoteslinks I think part of the problem here, which likely pisses off and , is that we just DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE IDENTITY BULLSHIT and VICTIM BULLSHIT. We just don't care. That likely pisses them off.

@OldITGuy @noagendashownoteslinks
This is the big question. How to extend the knowledge about the struggles of old generations and their knowledge about life to the younger ones. A difficult task, especially when, those struggles are not personally experienced by the younger generation. Parenting is the most important in this case, imo.

@ivaka @noagendashownoteslinks I'm not a parent, but: parenting is KEY in passing on the wisdom of older generations. It's when children lose respect and CHOOSE not to listen to people who CLEARLY have more life experience that we see the utter shit-show that western culture has become. Pop culture and staring at screens plays a huge part in the disconnect.

@OldITGuy @ivaka @noagendashownoteslinks

I think healthy multigenerational households enable this kind of learning best. The elders are there to help raise the children. Ostensibly, the kids get more personal attention and opportunity to learn. It's hard work, but it's better when shared across the generations.

@noagendashownoteslinks Boomers to the left of us . . .
Millennials to the right of us . . .
I never expected my slacker generation to be the only sane ones alive.

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