(21) Darvio Morrow on Twitter: "From the ''State of the Black Union'' in 2007. Parents rights is a hot topic now, but watch this. This is why what happens in our community should matter 2 people outside of it. Like @RealKiraDavis said, ''the po


(20) Jay in Kyiv on Twitter: "Prime Minister of Finland says Russians should no longer be allowed to enter EU. And she's 100% correct. The sooner they are banned from all civilized countries, the better. t.co/FrTPf8x9ZT" / Twitter


(20) Efrat Fenigson on Twitter: "Australia mainstream media surprises me in revealing deaths & injuries from blood clots / vaccines. AstraZeneca & Pfizer are starring here. How come they're not hiding it like in all other countries? 🧐


(20) Bernie's Tweets on Twitter: "U.K. - Will launch the emergency alert system in October reaching 85% of the population through smart phones. A sinister nudge by government, to shift citizens to relying more on the authorities. Wait until this b


(20) 🍁Antonio Tweets ðŸ'£ on Twitter: "Remember the PCR tests? Well the MSM have confirmed that they were laced with poisonous chemical Sodium Azide.👇 t.co/ZeG79xbSmk" / Twitter


(24) Libs of TikTok on Twitter: "Yale Pediatric Gender Program director says she treats kids as young as THREE on their ''gender journey'' including medical intervention t.co/WoCrr9Utnb" / Twitter


How The CDC's Plans To Reorganize Will Speed Up Response To Health Emergencies - YouTube


<i>(1467) Trump FBI Warrant Reveals Classified Intel, Possible Nuclear Espionage | Pod Save America Podcast - YouTube</i>


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