Represent your Gitmo Nation FEMA REGION with our latest MASSIVE COLLECTION. regions 1->10 available at 👉 👈 perfect XMAS gift for you or that special listener/producer in your life. @adam @Johncdvorak

@ninjaaron @adam @Johncdvorak 🤔🤔🤔 not sure what the equivalent is out there... any disaster zone maps out there?

@noagendashop @adam @Johncdvorak I was mostly joking, but as an expat in Germany, I have no idea how that stuff works here (though, to be honest, I didn't know about FEMA regions either until I started listening to NA)

@ninjaaron @adam @Johncdvorak same here, the regions were new to me as well, so this collection was a learning experience. I foresaw questions about international regions, thats why we added the Gitmo Nation Citizen text to be a bit more relatable for some

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